Monday, October 4, 2010

If you do not write the census ‥ only today

It is feelings [dawayo] of Yokohama Station today ..holding suddenly.. though thought going in the supermarket in the vicinity to which it goes always at yesterday evening. It went to the supermarket in Yokohama to shop for [chari] [chari] dinner thinking of [tte] severe [cha] it.

It good because it went suddenly or [nankasuggoku] [raku] [shikutesaa;]?

Does it go to super-CIAL FOOD PLAZA at my favorite station, and is the yakitori bought by the top of Japan?
Is the side dish bought for 00 yen per four daily dishes [yade] Pacific Ten of the sale inside of time?
It goes to the bay quarter shop of loved this afterwards and shop and KALDI, and sweet for a moment coffee is waited for at the entrance getting and looking for the cut-price merchandise while drinking and it shops.


It returned in the way back while singing child [runrun] of the flower.
[Iyaa;]?‥ Occasionally if you do not differ.

In dogs' strolls on an aspect of ..encounter.. , aspect last day,
After it had illuminated it the light's being improved, it was white. came ..2 and [mojojo] [tto]..

However ‥,
It enjoys by such a tiny thing and it is interesting ‥.

Such [monkai] a ?
[N]?Such [monka] ‥
[Takaraikka] ..happy... ..reeling.. ,

It is enjoyment finding [yokkana] today something.

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