Monday, August 1, 2011

At least, I want to become a fashionable hairstyle.

In the evening though it did not occur in the middle of the night ‥
..male dog [piezou].. [maru] was waited for on the side of the pillow when getting up in before it slept and the morning.
Therefore, it was narrow for a moment ‥.

Do you go to the place in which it has gone safely up to now or go to a new hair salon though think that the hair is cut in the recreation so often ‥ [Muu;] [mumuu;].

It is [nacchaundayonaa;] in the hairstyle at the usual ..shortening.. [surutosa] , high school.
It is [naa;] ..impossible because the face is a face at the Showa era.. though it is special and I want to become a hairstyle nowadays.

Though the designer is also so

The sense one is difficult.
How is it easy if there is an answer?

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