Sunday, February 6, 2011

It met the person, and it became energetic for a moment.

[Iyaa;]?It fully met the person from Friday to the weekend.

It will go golfing suddenly and the 1.5th round in half a year on Friday.
They were the people who brandished the club in the whir after a long time, and did not take care with and it was happy though it was a difficult course.

The owner of the dog met after a long time and it talks standing when returning and strolling in dogs.

It will go out for a drink suddenly ..this.. around nine o'clock and it moves to Ebisu when returning to the house.
It spoke secondarily with [ba-buraunjagu] for a moment and it returned.

Now it : though drank by 4 people.
There is a person of the same blood type at the same date of birth as me and it sleeps.
The other two people are the same birthdays, and it is same, same very blood type and the sexagenary cycle is [tanoyo] ! of a round though it differs.

Isn't it a terrible probability?
It becomes how much probability ‥ [Maa;iiya].

To the Kinomiya Shinto shrine in Atami on [de] and Saturday
It speaks with the eel and [nooyajisan] that goes to pray in the established custom every year, was spoken with [****], and encountered and ate in , daytime, and the veterinary hospital on Sunday.

[Muu;]?It thought of [a;]. Though it shunned meeting people recently ..whether I should meet the person after all..

The mind is [nattayoo;] in easiness for a moment.

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