Sunday, April 10, 2011

Male dog piezou , is not energetic.

The evening slept at 10:30.
I want always to sleep at time like this ‥ each other Though it was woken up by male dog [piezou] at four o'clock of ,.

It reserved it thinking going to the experience lesson of the hot yoga a little while ago tomorrow.

I will drink for a long time lonesomely, ..result [dakara].. move treatment, and warm its body.
Because the yoga stretches oneself, it is pleasant.

It ..[narerumo].. ..[gaarutte].. frantically envies it ‥ my favorite movement however in reality though it might be good.

One month from earthquake the 11th it today.
I think that my being able to do after all continuously writes daily life always though it thought whether I may write only that it is good by even not coming for a long time.

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