Friday, April 22, 2011

The company will be cleaned tomorrow.

[Aa;]?They were eight careless [heimamoru] today.

It reserved it about the Chinese medicine outpatient at ten o'clock.
It is surprised because it forgets completely and it has a telephone call from [te] hospital.
It is possible to go because time afterwards became empty and though it was good.

[De] and this are from 13 o'clock, print, and are surprised to be said, too, thinking that the reserved hot yoga is from 12 o'clock when going to [te] studio [te] and [suggoi] [**].
Why was 12 o'clock convinced ‥?

The place was taken up near fan heater though wherever you like was able to be taken because it entered [de] and the studio ahead of time why ‥ It became hot while it was doing, and boiling [dakomitaina] [kao] was done ‥.

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