Monday, July 11, 2011

Uneasiness ‥

What is it ‥?
Noisy ..noise.. [kunoyo] !
Or, as for pink, the sky in the west is usual.

Because of the aspect of ..encounter.. , aspect work
When sneaking about fiddling with Facebook and Twitter though it is ‥ Go out variously one after another and for a moment ‥

I want to become [uu;] and programmer's heads.
The application program can be variously made and though it seems to be tight ..seem happy...

Incidently, [tsukuritaitte] had thought of the small [kokukeri] game several years ago ‥ After all, it did not do though it was thought that it made it from Flash at that time.

[Aa;] programmer ‥ Respect.

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