Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's borrow Beverly Hills chihuahua 2.

In understanding well ....remarkable.. seeing [te] Levy this morning and the cry because of ..dripping.. ..coming.. ..[te] and [pie;] [ruga] "..cry.. [kunayo] [-] again ..seeing seriously..".. rest room of the animal protection center saying when having gone out...

It watched television with dog [tachimoji] [-].
Instinctively, the coming [yu;] and dogs were embraced closely.

[N] ‥ Sad [inuneko] might decrease if it does very.
It might not be only [inuneko] ‥.

Incidently, on the television the other day
It is ..coming.. [te] as for aunt [channokoto] of the dog residence.
23 dogs were kept in the solitary house and it was terrible in [te] person.
..becoming empty.. though they were dirty [-] [goi] dogs

It is [aa;], and only being done so is thanks [dana] [-] ‥.

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