Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dog OK spot [chakuchaku] ?[Fuffuu;]?♪


Player Kawashima's of GK teacher so often
The said word of "2nd place is a representative of the defeat" was impressive.

Was it early on [desa] and Sunday, does it get up, and 9:30 if occurring to our regret though it was a schedule of breakfast outside as dogs ‥ That?Is it ten o'clock?
It has become the time of the lunch ..[de].. after all. [tto].. this time,
Did you eat by hamburger and [kua] Ina in the Yokohama red brick warehouse?
If it was the glass booth, the dog was terrible because it was dog OK ‥ It was taking of the dog almost.

Was it S size, were there about 35 cans, and was there 500 M ml can or more though it asked for [de] and the beer?
[Iyaa;]?American after a long time, size?[Ikka] from [maa;chicchai].

Let's go to buy [sateto] , boiled fish paste. ・・

Hamburger and "[Kua] Ina" that encounters and did , are ↓ it...

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Friday, January 28, 2011

It did and it forgot.

Is it Saturday today?[Fuffuu;]?♪

Recent [honma] ..big.. ! so often?In TV, [teresaten] seems to be good for the dementia prevention ‥.

Dinner was made while loudly singing looking for with YouTube.
[Yaa;]?Falling . ..the noise also of dogs... atmosphere different from always

By the way ‥,
It comes to want to differ on the weekday when the weekend comes especially recently ‥ I want to go to see stationery today.
Sake, and it is [chiku] and [yatte] twining sake because it bought the salted fish guts, the boiled fish paste, and [rakkyo].

[Iyaa;]?However, the cleaning is the best to think.
It is it or sleeping [umu] ‥.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The stomach ‥


It was becoming of the stomach in rapid ?? the pain in the afternoon why when it was thought that it went dogs' strolling ‥ Put in the refrigerator and the evening remaining ‥ Wax what.

Cod, 2, and my face is seen having a face that seems to be painful in the rest room a little while ago, bending, and crowding. 「[Uu;]?[Uu;u] [-]」The opinion of [te] threat is expressed.

[Uu;]?It is not possible to go to a long stroll by this today ‥ It is considerably dangerous.
[Fuu;] ‥
It updated and it settled down with [tetaracho].

[Sateto] [gyou] [kuka]?
It is excrement excrement remark [tterushi] producing the face between legs of [watashi] of male dog [piezou] and going a little while ago early ‥.

No, it is already appearance [mirubekika] for a moment, unpleasantness, and can go or [].

Spottily spottily ‥

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ape feeling after a long time

[Iyaa;]?It is soundly [kondattawayo] because it slept in ..male dog [piezou].. [sei] in the evening until the morning. [Fuu;]?
It does though what the cause after all is not understood ‥.

Let's go [sateto] [inu]'s strolling.

It was strolling yesterday if it ..encounter.. is said along ..,...
A man like the first half in one's forties : at the entrance of the park.
What is it because it sees here? seeCod "I'm sorry may I get photograph [to]?" was called thinking.

[N]?It might be what ‥.
It was scary for a moment in feeling that atmosphere is doubtful though the expression was difficult.

[De] and where back?. of [tte] "Thank you very much in backing for this signboard" when hearing it.

[Soregasa] [-] "The kite is noted" was a signboard, and to there is better scenery ‥ It is doubtful ‥ [Maa;iikedo].

"It is a lovely dog" has been spoken when thinking that it finishes taking [de] and the photograph.
It snuggles to the [ittsumo] person, loving man's dogs try not to turn around, and not to go quickly.
[Oo;]?Dogs are feeling [takaa;] something ‥.

If the usual though it talks
It greeted [pekorin] and it left from the place.

Well, though it is good because of daytime ‥ Be not scary when it is dark. Even the dog-walking.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Piezou ‥

It is [danoyo] of ..[-].. affray ..male dog [piezou].. ..boiling.. ! in [ku] rate in the middle of the night about 2:30 in the evening.

Had you quietly thought that might sleep [jojo] [ttoyattetakara] and today before it slept?

[Uu;] embarrassment [tatanaa;]?Spottily spottily ‥ [Aa;]?Sleeping time [gaa;] ‥ [Uu;].

It went to the office after a long time yesterday so often.
It drinks on one's return with [chiku] in the bar.
Now ..the desire.. though the story of the bicycle and running was told. not the one that it is possible to become it but the Japanese syllabary ‥ and something crazy about me

..shallowness.. ? in case of me..turning over.. [hiro]. It wants to do ..turning over.. ..,.. breaking out and it doesn't last long because it becomes it.
[N]?The one or [naa;] that wants to make handicraft recently.

Running also : the other day.
It has satisfied when becoming [choro] [tto] wind by the dog-walking ‥.

Spottily spottily ‥

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Piezou ‥Why ‥

In the evening though it slept at 1:30 ‥

Unpleasantness. In [kure-to] around two o'clock of , ..male dog [piezou] moreover..
「[Fuu;]?[Fuu;]?‥ [Wan]. [Fuuuu;]?[Fuu;]?[Wan]. 」It doesn't quiet down and though the [tte] commotion is put out, it does, and , was disregarded for a while ‥ [Fuu;].

It put it out from [kure-to] thinking putting out [tarajojo] [ttoyattetakara] and the rest room because it had occasionally made noise continuously on the second ahead.
Because being possible to put out ..surgical knife dog Pieta.. makes noise as usual when [piezou] is put out moreover, . ..combining two...

Though it went to [de] and living
It is not feeling like the rest room, and it waits ‥ Spottily spottily ‥ it is what on earth

[N]?Remembering must ‥ Before putting dogs in [kure-to] when sleeping
It came to enter soon when making it to large sweets of the lever because it did not enter, and there was no other way though it induced to [kure-to] with weeny sweets when it was sweets of [piezouhaso] recently.

It did. It thinks.
Having given weeny sweets in large one sleeps ‥.

It was cheated. ‥.

It does not being possible to sleep from it to about 3:30 somehow after all ‥.

[Uu;]?[Piezou] ?

[N]?It is not originally from pouring [samichin] ‥.

[Uu;]?[Fuu;] though only have to be able also to be talked also by the dog ‥?

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shop in pet OK private room. San aloha

Did [fufufu] , end of the week sleep for eight hours?[Fuffuu;]?♪ is [indakedosa] not healthy because it was not an early to bed and early to rise, and it occurred late sleeping late ..

A new pet OK shop was found on Saturday so often.
There is a signboard in the bus-stop bench and passing with dogs near the shop to which it tried to go first is character [ga] of "The private room is dog OK".
Because it is cold in the terrace seat recently, ..surviving.. [ruyoo;].

[De] and the day were able to shine in the private room though were feeling like the shop where the design of the [tto] signboard was doubtful it, and were feeling in the shop posture safe [kanaa;] because the friend also had done lunch together.

It has put the incontinent pad for the pet.
It may be easy There was a wall, and for you not to anxious about the next and either to speak though the ceiling became empty.
..encounter.. ?However, is it 315 yen each?There was a pet charge and 10% charge was taken as for the private room.

It is during about [maa;demo] 2 a half hour and is slow [takaraikka] it is possible to speak.

The design of the shop posture or the signboard
It thought of [-] ..after all important.. because it renewed.

The shop to which it encounters and , went is ↓ it...

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

How long do you keep sleeping ‥ Is it a certainty, and 16 hours or less in the current?

It did and it went to bed early in the evening though it was.
[Iyaa;]?Sleep [tawayo] at 11 o'clock. [Fuffuu;]?♪ [yattaa;]?Sleep [] for eight hours of yearning.

However, the middle of the night 2:30 ‥ From among [kure-to]
「[Fuu;o] [n] ‥ [Fuu;fuu;] [kuu;uuu;] [au;]?」The [tte] cry that appeals for something ‥ That is a perhaps opinion of male dog [piezou].

It put it out from [kure-to] because it did not quiet down easily.
When two is put out because ..surgical knife dog Pieta [mowa] [-].. affray feeling the sign, 2 and [mojojo] [ttoyattetawayo]. run toward only [ttatta] and the rest room

Apparently, there is doing to borrow the porcelain ‥.
Incidently, rest room line [kanakattakaranaa;] before it sleeps in the evening.

Pieta..quickly..enter..bed..up..jump..futon..sideward..enter..nose..put out..calm..face..sleep.

Though it was going to sleep as it is
It was scary because it fractured ahead in the middle of the night and tried to put it in [kure-to].

However, it doesn't enter ‥.
It doesn't enter even if it hangs it with sweets ‥ [Uu;]?

It sleeps dreamily and it occurs for a while ‥.
It entered disappointing when [de] and large sweets were served.
If it was these kind of things, it only had to put out [okkiioyatsu] from the beginning.

[Fuu;]?As if,
Even if the child has a terrible nightmare and it enters parents' futons, it feels it.

It such was pat, and, after all, sleeping time that did not come just like always ‥ [Fuu;].

However, male dog [piezou] ,.
Do you do to becoming the attitude like "I" if going out in the house?In the [ggoi] mama's baby ‥ [Fu] ..

Well [kawaee;] [karaiikedosa] .

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Early to bed and early to rise

It got up one hour earlier Hello because it was the usual to [pie;] [ruga] golf because it said ..going.. ..[]...

[Iyaa;]?Sleeping time after all
I want to sleep seven hours if it at least wants and it is and can do [yona] [-] for six hours.

However, getting up in reality early seems to be better for the body ‥ And, it goes to bed early.
It understands and [chairukedo] sleeps quite ‥. simplicity..pouring..sleep.

Let's challenge going to bed early for a moment for dogs.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is it good because there is an other party who thinks how it is easy if only I am regarded even if it is unpleasant ‥?

Though it is yesterday's continuation

In the evening, male dog [piezouni] and [soo;] [tto] where it came on the bed and [nto] round [mattepu] [pu] slept approached.

Then, now?
It felt my sign or is a surprise because [shaki] [-] opened one's eyes suddenly though not known.

Be good, and restrain my desire this time and ‥ Here is [fu] . that became [otona].
It drew close to [piezou] with [-] ..along...

Then, now?
It became [paka] [tto] supine.
"Now when the face is buried under mama and my hair on the chest, it is good" is like a said turning up ‥.

[Gaba] and [ikitai],
It endures with a jerk here, and the print print in [-] and hair on the chest ..along...
[Aa;] ‥ Thank you [piezou] .

It will subdue one's desires in the future, and [soo;] [ttosurisurisuruyo].

[Iyaa;]?Is work anything if the other party is not thought?

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hair on the chest of piezou

The last enjoyment during a day ‥

It : on the bed so.
The face is buried under light hair on the chest embracing male dog [piezou] closely.

However apparently, it is ..[piezouhasore].. unpleasant.
When I approached on the bed before it slept, the face [shite] forefoot stretched and "! of wanting coming" was disliked.

..[sorega] vesper.. oh.
It will embrace closely and approaching [tara] in [piezou].
It jumps very much and running away [tanoyo] ! of [pyo] [nto].

It is [naino] ! face [depu] [pu]'s having begun to sleep that slips into sideward [ccho] of the futon that [demotte] and [pie;] [ruga] enter, puts out only the nose, and is calm.

[Shobo] [n] ‥

Because if it does and [,pi] [ezou] is embraced closely, it becomes sleepy soon.

Healing is not feeling in the surgical knife dog Pieta so often.
Even if you cling from the back because [peropero] is licked soon
It doesn't settle down because the face comes, [nto] is turned, the face is licked, and it rolls it up ‥.

[Uu;]?I'm sorry however [yopiezou] , however.. ..‥...

I think the effect of healing after all to be ..[aa;souieba].. ..television.. seeing the other day and cooking of the therapy dog by the dash of ..dripping.. cannonball arm.
Well though there might be a person who hates [inu], too.

To [ntoshiteruno] that always comes [piezou] , depending too much between legs in daytime ‥

Do you approach with [haso] [-] a good tonight ‥ each other It is , sweets and [tsuruka].

The hair on the chest of [piezou] is ↓ ..this it...

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day when it became wind

[Iyaa;]?Is it [nattayoo;] in the wind on Sunday?‥ Though it is about 100m.

It was wearing a lot of clothes of [nimokkomoko] in the dog-walking after all and [takarachokottodake] ran on the weekend though it was a be full of nature where it went suitable in running.
The corbicula and the corbicula as soon as using it. can ..excellent [ze].. [-] however it

Does the recent enjoyment so often?[Fuffuu;]?♪
Dogs also eat the tea [shitari] meal together on the weekend.

Is it a branch in the restaurant in the vicinity of the Japan University Main Street station on Saturday?[Fuffuu;]?An ..♪.. indeed gradual terrace seat has become cold.

However of dog OK.. more [inoninaa;] may be... Though it thinks of [tte] ‥. The juridical it special permission seems to be unnecessary when glimpsing it on the net thinking that application is severe because the animal enters. Along ‥

The page of the dog cafe map that has been done up to now is [hahaha] though becomes an area where it is made Japanese syllabary [kittosuggoi] [kagi].

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I want to meet the friend.

..encounter.. ?I want to meet the friend.
Do you want to go to the house to play?・・

When it thinks, and how much time retrieves it takes.., it takes all of the about one and a half hours.
[Muu;]?It lives in the remote place in the vicinity ‥.

Do now though it was possible to speak at any time because it met ahead in the company every day?About several-time E-mails has kept estranged somehow the communication and the age of the New Year's card.

[Aa;] ‥
I want to run somehow to one's heart's content.

I want to run while feeling the wind in the hatred of running outside.

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I want to run outside to one's heart's content though it is cold.

[Aa;]?The update is late today.

So often..evening..go walk the dog..always..pass..person..provide..road..walk..drip..nostalgic..tune..flow..person..sign..provide..instinctively..loud voice..sing.

Then, now?
Person [gaitanoyo] !Moreover, two people.
[Iyaa;]?Was it shameful?・・

When you apply the ear bought the other day
A surrounding sign doesn't feel it so much.
Well, [ikka] therefore that pulls it out by pulling out of the ear.

However ‥,
In the dog-walking of winter, is it cold?
No good movement thereat there because it walked ‥ today though not met the person who is strolling too much recently. 1 time put out ..what.. ..not holding..

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doing is therefore suddenly full.

[Iyaa;]?It might be sad for a moment on the ninth, and that evening is regrettable an association.

Then, it guesses by eating the favorite one. When it buys in the supermarket thinking of [tte] and the loved one is arranged to the table ‥ [Hahaha] that was the switch of all.
Well, it is switch growth

It makes arrangements for work in the middle of the night of [de] and nine and ?.
Have I forgotten new [suruno] of ..dripping.. [sara] because it works silently yesterday?・・

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boots for the dog-walking ‥ It bought it.

Alarm clock-[kerokurokku] random voice two-function -8 ↓ Watch-RDA46RH03/dp/B0047N17KI/ref=pd_sim_k_3 though it is alarm clock "[Kerokerokku] 2" written yesterday encounter and can come ,

Now when seeing. review
It is spotty ..saying.. [urashiiwayo] in the middle of the night.
Moreover, the switch seems not to exist ‥.
[Aa;]?Regrettably?It gave it up because of It is a little if said spottily ‥.

By the way, ‥ A day was long today ‥.

It is ..bringing.. [tte] to the veterinary hospital of dogs in 9 AM.
Go to the sale of Bernese, and to the landmark of Yokohama starting with the boots seen there after it returns
Moreover, it began to look for boots (It was this time for the dog-walking), and the boots of crocs seen in the landmark plaza was good for the dog.

It steps on shoes of ..male dog [piezou].. [watashi] without fail though it amends because at the end of the stroll by a wet foot.
Therefore, leather is not good because it embarrasses it if it is stepped ‥.

There is no size there though it encounters and , story returns.
To the crocs bay quarter shop at Yokohama Station afterwards ..the search for it...

..size.. [nakutesa] ,
It is not at all ..this.., and it is not good original and it doesn't exist in the Shibuya branch and the Jiyuugaoka shop of crocs though it returns to the house and it retrieved it on the net though it called.
When it starts giving up and it calls the Matsuzakaya Ginza branch, it is very [o;].
It was.
[U;] ..toward Ginza.. ..referring.. from evening therefore. 。

It went to Mujirushi-Ryohin because it was special after [de] purchase, it went to Camper of Matsuya, it went to PLAZA, dinner was bought with Yokohama Station in the daily dishes corner of [shia;ru], and it returned ‥.

Boots that buys [pie;] [ruga] is seen and a word. "It should not be black boots that father is putting on in the market. "


The bought boots is ↓ ..this it...

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

First of all, 2 and what [kerokurokku] [monka] want to see you in the shop.

Recently, it is [ban] as for the [zouzou] alarm clock. [Tte]
It unconsciously stops and it sleeps ‥ It is cold and is [nattashinee;] ‥ The yell is necessary [dawayo] though it pulls out and it goes out of the futon.

It saw on the net thinking that increased the number of alarm clocks from [de] and the other day more.

It seems not to be satisfactory though encounters and awakes with Ken Ken's alarm clock because of Ken Ken's laughter and the sound of the bomb , now ‥.

[N]?In the alarm clock,
. ..doing... think that it wants the character [nokawaee;] clock
[Iyaa;]?The interesting one was found.

"[Kerokurokku]" [] ..this it... ↓
-8RDA41RH05/dp/B002RDD52S with Watch-alarm clock-[kerokurokku-akushon]

? like ..[desa].. movement
It is improvement [saretetanoyo] ! in YouTube. Sound of ..↓ each other.. , [deruyo] of this.

Very is when [desa] [desa] [-] is examined, it [o;]?Two [kerokurokku] 2 [yo] !
Going out [tetanoyo] !So and so ↓ [kerokurokku] 2.
Http:// Watch-alarm clock-[kerokurokku] random voice two-function -8RDA46RH03/dp/B0047N17KI/ref=pd_sim_k_3

[Iyaa;]?It is [iwayo] ..seeming [rinyuaru] it.. equipped with the new features included.
[Aa;]?It got excited.

In ..encounter.. , ‥ "Please stop it" was said.

[Aa;demo] and such commodity [tsukuritaiyona] something?
Will it be happy?

Apparently, the manufacturer seems to be CITIZEN.
CITIZEN and [fu] - do not do

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Waste is stricken stopping, and works hard.

Thank you it is a child of endurance.
[Iyaa;]?The worldly desires school gang leader of ..doing.. , for a long time in recent in ‥ ..the seal..

Is it actually close from the end of the year of last year besides boots?
Though it aimed at the quilted down coat with long height for the dog-walking ‥

It is [-] ..along.., and ..[tte] that might be.. when saying saying last year's. [U;] that is [ri]?

And, the recipe book on the silicon steamer that stands reading in a bookstore a little while ago ‥.

Because it can retrieve very much on the net, [u;] that is that is [-] ..along...

[Yoshi] and this can do nothing but be remembered because there was a recipe of the [chiribi-nzu] boiling of [de] and a savory octopus. It remembered hard thinking of [tto] and it went out of the bookstore.

However, it has not forgotten completely.
[Fu] , man's memory is such [monka] ‥ Should I improve the memory ‥?

Spottily spottily ‥

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It grows up.

The cutlet was going to be put and the cutlet was said to eating yesterday.

It had eaten the tapir tapir in Sizzler the other day ‥.

Moreover, [suggoku] [ama] potato comes to want to eat recently it is what ‥, too.

[Dawayo] ! of [uu;] rapidly
[Aa;]?Corbicula and corbicula. doing

However, I will want the sweet one so much why ‥.

"Natural desire from which the brain requested the sense of well-being" or "Sugar urges the secretion of dopamine and the serotonin that it was shape that looked alike to the action of alcohol and cocaine, and was the neurotransmitter in the brain" or "Obviously that there was a dependency of no drug in sugar" was written when anxious and glimpsing it on the net.

[Aa;]?Is it [-] ..along..?
Sake is not drunk, and the sweet one is ..hope.. [surunoka] ! for the sense of well-being. ?

Man's body : ..terrible...

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Monday, January 3, 2011

The worldly desires school gang leader, again.

Dependence ! that considerably pulls it out ..pulling out.. ..good.. when the bought ear application is done by the sale the other day and it goes dogs' strolling.
Moreover, what is my saying ape [ppokutekawaee;]?[Hahahahaha].

[Uu;]?Worldly desires are spotty "futsufutsu" [nanoyo].
Spottily spottily ‥

The digital camera that has it now : ..seeming ..encounter.. , it so...
How many..charge a for.

[O;] very when going to Yodobashi Camera [desa] and [pie;] [ruga] yesterday.
Dependence ! also in the cheapest shop the aimed digital camera is a net ..sales for 9980 yen.. though it was about 12000 yen.
Moreover, [dawayo] with the point.
[Rakkii;]?♪ [fuffuu;]?♪

Dogs' images will be able to be taken by this.
, was encountered and not done at all though registered in PIXTA if it was said along ‥ [Aa;]. Incidently, it did not start improving dogs' animation to YouTube ‥.

It was not necessary to have inadvertently chased by the cleaning.
It is ‥.

It does it or doesn't do or be . ..doing.. what.

It is [yaruzo] this year.
[Uo;] [].

[Puo;] [puoo;] []. (conch shell)

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

It went to the sale.

[Iyaa;]?It is thought that it goes to the sale, and it is [itanoyo] ! in Yokohama Station at 10 AM today. [Fu] .

However, the person was terrible ‥.
Moreover, it is running with short steps for the feeling that everyone makes [ira] somehow.

[Desa], and the bought be full of nature it went, and : in feeling of [ku] boast Kaifuki.
However, however ‥
It was not possible to buy it again.

When you see the mirror putting it on aimed boots and another times
Gradually come into view to "Child who put on black boots" somehow and ‥ Moreover, it has quietly put it.

I will buy [de] and this. It thought of [tte].
T-shirt of 1500 yen of a no sign is sold out and ? of [te] of cannot purchase after all.
When it is lonesome and returns
The aunt in the same apartment house where the signal had been waited gladly lowered about three paper bags of the department store.

Such it pats in the "futsufutsu" and a cod that doesn't come.
Is does it go, does I also go from [kutteiu] to [pie;] [ruga] Kawasaki together, and T-shirt wanting it [gettoo;] in a no sign?[Fuffuu;]?

The incidentally ear application ‥ each other It seems to say , [iya-mafura-].
[Hahaha] whether considerably become like the ape and suit.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

This year started in a calm day.

My best regards it is [] this year.

[Iyaa;]?After all, the sparking wine was opened just at 12 customary o'clock every year in the evening.

However, it did not go to see the new year's first sunrise this year.
Painful that wants to do last year and the same thing, to start, and not to have similar time to last year.

However, it gets up early neatly, the piling salt is changed, it cleans, and rolling up in the morning. 。
It went to Yamashita Park to stroll because the more wasteful it was it was in [de] and the house, the finer of dogs.

[Iyaa;]?It was pleasant time ‥.

In such one calm year the [aa;] this age ‥ [Panpan].

By the way, it will be [dawayo] of the first day of the sale tomorrow more and more.
It is scheduled to go to Yokohama.

[Aa;]?A hot day seems to come tomorrow ‥ [Fu] ..

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