Thursday, January 6, 2011

First of all, 2 and what [kerokurokku] [monka] want to see you in the shop.

Recently, it is [ban] as for the [zouzou] alarm clock. [Tte]
It unconsciously stops and it sleeps ‥ It is cold and is [nattashinee;] ‥ The yell is necessary [dawayo] though it pulls out and it goes out of the futon.

It saw on the net thinking that increased the number of alarm clocks from [de] and the other day more.

It seems not to be satisfactory though encounters and awakes with Ken Ken's alarm clock because of Ken Ken's laughter and the sound of the bomb , now ‥.

[N]?In the alarm clock,
. ..doing... think that it wants the character [nokawaee;] clock
[Iyaa;]?The interesting one was found.

"[Kerokurokku]" [] ..this it... ↓
-8RDA41RH05/dp/B002RDD52S with Watch-alarm clock-[kerokurokku-akushon]

? like ..[desa].. movement
It is improvement [saretetanoyo] ! in YouTube. Sound of ..↓ each other.. , [deruyo] of this.

Very is when [desa] [desa] [-] is examined, it [o;]?Two [kerokurokku] 2 [yo] !
Going out [tetanoyo] !So and so ↓ [kerokurokku] 2.
Http:// Watch-alarm clock-[kerokurokku] random voice two-function -8RDA46RH03/dp/B0047N17KI/ref=pd_sim_k_3

[Iyaa;]?It is [iwayo] ..seeming [rinyuaru] it.. equipped with the new features included.
[Aa;]?It got excited.

In ..encounter.. , ‥ "Please stop it" was said.

[Aa;demo] and such commodity [tsukuritaiyona] something?
Will it be happy?

Apparently, the manufacturer seems to be CITIZEN.
CITIZEN and [fu] - do not do

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