Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can the memory be trained?

[Muu;]?‥ The person's memory is vague [dayona] ‥.

It put it somewhere of the bag thinking that one piece was carried about yesterday though the medicine was taken at the time decided the unpleasantness and every day.

It is not though it looked for the bag for the dog-walking as it searches for degrees in the bag how many many times.
When the small change of the purse entered, it did not put, and the purse in the memory slightly however ‥.

When [de] and the purse are seen, it is [puku] and swelling [ga] in the shape of the medicine.
It to [-] ..along.., and to have put the purse in the outside pocket.
[Fuu;] ‥ Good finding

The dinner of the web site where [tsukuttetesaa;] and the recipe were on a roll was not very seen so often the other day.

[N]?It searched one's memory thinking that it was soy sauce and was sweet soy-beans bar [**], and that it was a certainty, and flour and it made it.
Because the site of the recipe afterwards revived, it is a soy sauce, oyster sauce, potato starch, and [tawayo]. the looking cod
[Iyaa;]?When it is correct, it is desire [takedona] [-].

Can memory UP train ‥?

Well, it is delicious and [takaraiikedosa] ..

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