Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthday of piezou , Pieta

[Uu;]?‥ [Surenda] [-ba] [dei;]?Plan [dawayo].
Spin [shitanoda] for the second successive day.
Well. . ..doing... think [ikka] from anything and [ranai]

..encounter.. season 8 of "24" ..seeming , it so.. is rental beginning [dawayo] from tomorrow.

[Muu;]?All [a;] ..whether queue up...
It is safe [umu] if not sleeping twice because opening TSUTAYA is ten o'clock.

Days are dogs in October today ....encounter.. ,...
Three years old who is the birthday of [piezou] , Pieta.
Is it [sukusuku] and [sunoo;]?

Incidently, though it said on the television
The number of pet dogs seems to be more than the number of children in the fertility decline now ‥.

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