Tuesday, April 19, 2011

‥ It is ..washing.. [uzo] [-uo;] as for [piezoutachi].

[Oshiri] of male dog [piezou] and two hips were healed seeing it, and moreover, presence [debuwa] became and was healed terribly as for wind [debuwa] [tto] the wind terrible and healing hips of the surgical knife dog Pieta not seen usually so much, and.

It falls if that light hips are seen and smiling is yes.
Well, and it seems, and it ..[i].. goes when the face of me who is laughing is seen from other people while seeing hips hanging as soon as dangerous.

It was in the shop to which it encountered and it had gone on , aspect aspect last day.
That what though instinctively taken by carrying because [figia] is interesting ‥.

Are only pants naked children who are?‥

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