Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thorough cleaning in morning

Eyes had yesterday were shut and the standstill 50 steps were tried in the place a little while ago.
Only the desire ..left.. turned very much in case of end and one's feet [mi].
However, it did not shift behind like yesterday.


It aims at six-pack abs, and it is stretch and breath [yaruzo] [-] [uo;] [] today.

Food [tto] today is cleaned thoroughly in the morning because the person of the same designer comes to the house to play in the previous company.

However, especially recently
It thinks of ..happiness.. [-] in such a tiny thing.

Let's go to the [sateto] stroll.

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Movement restart

It has gone to experience the hot yoga yesterday.
By sweating in [choro] in the latter half and the head though it did for one hour.

There is a shower, too and because facilities were also beautiful, it though the yoga is a studio of the main
I will have bought the free pass for one month, and try variously.

Therefore, it is "Pelvis stretch" today that has been done today.
Eyes are shut and standstill 50 steps in the place ‥.
Do you roll it up [suggo] sooner or later?‥

It cods it ..encounter.. .., aspect.. television along the other day ..seeing...
Methods of respiration that actor's [biki] Ryosuke said even if lumbago recovered were done.
Moreover, it passed at the age of 50 and stomach muscles seem to have cracked in this breath.
When the breath was vomited, the side almost hung though it tried at home.

Will be it a hot yoga or this methods of respiration that felt heavy in the body the next day ‥ Let's continue for a moment variously.
, breath ..encounter.. method is ↓ ..this it...

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