Sunday, May 8, 2011

It is [-], and Monday. along[Go-go-gogo-] ♪ [chacchaccha] [cha♪]

[Iyaa;]?It ended on consecutive holidays ‥.

It was said it was possible to come [muu;] and did not exist this year as taken a rest.
It is [tari-zu] and tea [shita] together that dogs of ..encounter.. , yesterday. [Fufufufu].
It is [mattaridawayo] in the terrace seat for me as for "Holiday".

The driver doesn't neatly hit so often though it went to driving range yesterday ‥ 5W : than the driver though goes out the distance ‥.

Because [de], [onofu], and McGreger's [tameu] association had been done, it challenged the driver.

[Onofu] ‥
[Shobo] [n] that is not [-]. neatly hit
It embarrassed to the uncle comment of [onofu] what it was.
"I'm sorry for not neatly hitting" is instinctively wrong.

McGreger's driver afterwards.
For men swung ..the pleasant.. and it flew straight when the shaft of ladies' ..softness.. hardened, and it struck it by for men and the softness.
[N]?‥ By chance

Other manufacturers want also to do [tameu] ‥.

[Sateto] , this day is plenty ..doing...

[Uo;] [uo] [uooo] []

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