Monday, May 30, 2011

Hole of surprise

A fresh wind blows in today's dog-walking.

Dogs seemed to be glad.
In strolling yesterday after a long time if you say that I seem to be ..encounter.. ..,.. glad
I'm sorry, and it conceals by [sasa] and my instinctive body and [tte] has been mistaken ‥ the start of [murimuri] on [murimuri], [ttetesa], and the park bench many times from instigating of ..male dog [piezou] of constipation.. [**] by the tree in the presence of sleep [chan] that eats one's lunch.
It is easy to have laughed at sleep [chan] and to have understood.

It encounters and , story returns ‥.
It when the sole is seen, very hole [ppokoga] of ..[o;].. surprise what when it ..[de].. returns, shoes are taken off, and the foot is applied to the floor.
..originating.. !When the sole on the other side is expected to be a desire, it is very [o;].
Here is hole [ppokogaa;].

It be would [shobo] [n], and favorite socks ‥ Well does the hole become empty excellent from [iteta], too ‥ Shoes are not tried on with that good socks.

[Aa;] on the final day of campaign for Nautilus room [aa;] this day?[Uu;]?‥ Very, let's do.

Moreover, iPod touch ‥.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I will go to a long stroll after the rain stops.

Far from resting small bird's wing on the weekend ‥ Is it a move?Thorough cleaning [dawayo] like [tteiu].

Everything started from the noodle shop of Saturday with hesitancy.
In the noodle shop pleasantly drinking with [chiku] with drunken bravery
The television of 19 inches is special price on the weekend and going to the electric appliances store on one's return [tanoyo] !.
However, it returned variously hearing the privilege without buying the day.

[De] and Sunday
I think that I will surely buy the television.
[Puchi] and the switch enter because it began to clean the place where the television is put, and [aa;] ‥ It cleans it thoroughly in spite of the rest.

The storage of the bedroom is moved, the bed is moved, and the lower side is cleaned.
Clothes and bag that drags [purake-su] that old videotape enters from shelf by five cases, and doesn't put it on from storage shelf
(If it is scheduled to put it on surely some time, I throw away the dress and the bag, and the yell is not put, it is not thrown away in me. )Throw away while giving [wo] shout, and tired out ..&.. lonesomely.

[Umu] of which it is good because it was refreshing is [maa;demo].

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

It cleans it. Uo uo---

In the evening ‥ Now, and it has the dream of becoming G-man of Yokohama Chinatown and even some G-man : though it is feeling ‥ It goes to various shops, it eats various dishes, and it rolls it up.

G-man came to light, was chased by being [suggoi] [ikioi], ran, rolled up to suspicious-looking man's person at [de] and the end, and it awoke.

The stomach is yucky and it becomes empty [namonde] and living tired out why.
It is a fried rice, a Chinese bowl, a ramen, and [iyaa;] in ..dumpling.. chili prawns. It ate ‥ [Kepu].
[Muu;]?Did you want to eat the Chinese cuisine ‥?

I think that the talk changes, and sleep is after all important so often.
Therefore, isn't it a good somewhere manufacturer though thinks changing now into a low bed by the little bit making known for dogs?
Before it buys it of but.

Even ..encounter.. , : before that however. The dresses under the shelf around the bed or the television or the book and the bed are not put away.

[N]?Pass..on earth.
Because storage is lost when it thinks so, is one like today good ‥ Spottily spottily ‥

It is spotty for a long time in recent saying [teruna] [-].

Let's rest small bird's wing for a moment as it is rain on the weekend.

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Getting cold

It wrote yesterday.
Though it is [sukurabingubaburutoiresutanpukuri-na-] ‥ Though the gel joined to the toilet is already lost.
[Muu;]?Have you applied it to the place where hydraulic pressure is terrible?

Eruption [butsubutsu] ..the after all usual cleaning.. though hang and written for about as much as one week with the stamp of one time.

It dreamt ..entering the other day in the freezer.., and [purupuru] trembled and it awoke , body making fun ‥ so often. did not step into a bath slowly by getting chilled while asleep & recently

It runs noisily about the passage when dogs are wandering about, and [ittsumo] plays a trick the surgical knife dog Pieta when stepping into a bath ‥.

[Uu;]?I want to step into a bath slowly.

Metabolizing is dropping ..making fun.. -.

After all more [a;] ..whether I should move...
The bath is put and the movement is Nautilus room ‥.

Let's go to Nautilus room that encountered and was completed last year of , for the visit for the time being ‥ The fee is free for the admission fee and one month until the end of the month just now.

‥ However why should not I always think of [ikerutte]?

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Effect of [maragoni-] of surprise?

It is a guy in the toilet in the rest room who does the stamp the other day as for the gel.
"[Sukurabingubaburutoiresutanpukuri-na-]" was bought.
[Iyaa;]?Is it effect of [maragoni-] of the surprise, and ..retreat.. [-]?。
There is no third day, especially the change after joining the gel ‥ An effective Japanese syllabary.

The work of the proofreading was done at home after all so often yesterday.
However, does it work, is it started, and does not the ink of the pen go out at once?
It went for purchase because of not being though it looked for other pens.

The surgical knife dog Pieta plays a trick edge [kkowokajitte] and : about the carpet in one's feet ‥ [Uu;]?It is not [narimase] [-] to work.

Therefore, it has gone for a walk previously.
2 and one's feet [depu] [pu] slept when coming back ‥ Does complete also :?

It settles down in the house and the work of [inaa;] proofreading ..[-].. still is not possible to work.. is done very today ‥.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

I want to differ always occasionally.

Rain [kaa;] ‥
However, because it seemed to clear up around three o'clock, it was good.

If you will not end work by going [sateto] , dogs' to stroll.
It is [tari-zu] where feelings are occasionally changed and Starbucks, the unpleasantness, and the point collect though the house is also good because today's work is a proofreading ‥ Or, do you do in the clinic though are not an examination day ‥ The waiting room of the counter type of an unpleasant [a;] clinic can be considerably concentrated.
[Aa;] is also bad for the clinic it.

Let's retreat and do [-].
Do you feel [-] while it says of [tte]?

[Sateto] ?・・

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

State of the wilderness round and round

Dogs were washed this morning.

The surgical knife dog Pieta ‥
[Suggoi] [wara] is gotten an unkempt ..Amazones Pieta.. head in feeling it.

[Iyaa;]?However, it is already water wipe [runrundawayo] of the fourth times at this time today. of [powapowa].. well. Flight rolling up guess.

Especially, the hair of male dog [piezou] is terrible.
..possession.. ?Useless..brush..think..mule..brush..swordfish..swordfish..brush..for a long, long off..stop..come off..roll up.

It is warm and is [nattekitakaranee;] ‥ It is a season which the hair comes off.

[N]?Though it is good in winter

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Friday, May 20, 2011

What does everyone do?

It not happy ..what..?Take a rest..gloss over.

Now in case of being. a house ..[iyaa;].. alone

However, work is anything.
I ..mind.. think it is not good if after all, there is no [merihari].

Encounter ‥
It has cried in front of the teacher who is ..reeling.. [-] though it is a Chinese medicine outpatient yesterday.
Tears inadvertently fall even if there is will being not to cry.

[Iyaa;] ‥ It was able to meet that teacher really and was good.
The mind terribly becomes easy.
It is possible to become in the psychic treatment internal medicine and to become calm [ppodo] of ..better.. [o;] where it goes.

So often..a little while
After all..usual..Listener..telephone..cut....

[N]?Well ..calling to the friend suddenly.. though the high school. Let's play now.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Facebook debut

Invitation mail of facebook the other day from acquaintance?Because facebook was a real name, it was and did not register resistance for a moment though wanting to see reached, and it was anxious from ahead.

However, the name and the mail address were put thinking registration in the switch of the talk for a moment yesterday and it logged it in.

Now, and then, acquaintance's face is and is surprise [dawayo] of lying about in the corner in "Is it a friend?".
The president of the design company indebted ahead also arrives why ‥.

Feelings bad [] of getting [e;] why. It thought of [tte].
Were they five people yesterday after all?It registered about the friend.

Well. Surely than Twitter
Though it is thought that it is not a translation to which what is done only by registering either ‥


It encounters, everyone takes the garbage that went out by the move of the company up to the first floor on , aspect aspect last day, and afterwards.
Even if it costs 37,500 yen though the trader disposed.
It was possible to go out for a drink with all [fuu;] ‥.

It will not save it up in the future.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting chilled while asleep again

Story of yesterday's getting chilled while asleep
It was when looking for the person type sleeping-bag on the net.
Incidently, had it seen on the television ahead, and there was a sleeping-bag to have Himalayan black bear's shape so often, too.

The belly rolling was done and it slept for the time being in the evening.
However, [purupuru] trembled after all at the dawn and it awoke ‥ [Uu;]?Embarrassed, and spottily spottily.

[Pie;] [ruga] was drunk yesterday though it talks and it changes.
..[suggoi] [ka] [uno].. hey though it hesitated, and it was not ..400 yen a liter alone.. and ..‥.. bought the child the delicious one for feeling like parents who wanted to have them drink.

Momentarily when [-] ..along.. is done of drinking this morning.
「[Mazu]. [] ..seeming drink barium..」[Ttesaa;] [buu;].

It was delicious as not [-] but [nakotonaiyo] and [doro] ..along...
It is [buu;] though bought with great pains ‥.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting chilled while asleep

Though it is [tteiuka] every evening in the evening
It is cold, [purupuru] trembles at the dawn, and it awakes ‥.

Is it [uu;] though the body is chilly when getting up in [de] and the morning?It is [haijaukaranaa;] in unconsciousness as for the futon ‥ I can sleep very with the futon put until the morning ‥.

The sleeping-bag is open surely [ruyona] in unconsciousness as for the zipper ‥ Oh. It makes it to the sleeping-bag that attaches [sokka], the hand, and the leg. !

Surely ..encounter.. ..?.. before one is aware however surely ..not taking off..
Spottily spottily ‥

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I want to improve distance of a jump.

It has gone to Chiba for golf today.
It is not flat even if going because it is a design of Pete Di to where ‥ [Muu;] [demomaa;maa;dattakanaa;].

‥ It is driver and ..flight.. [butoiiyona] [-] by about 230 yards.

Mortifying ‥
‥. Spottily spottily ‥

It is Zen meditation and [mosuruka].

Spottily spottily ‥

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

It cleans even though it goes where.

Do with hesitancy?Move safe party?[Fuu;].
Though it took time for the preparation
It was happy to laugh after a long time by being [waiwai] [sawa].

It will go to the office the next day and it puts it in order.
The personal computer entered at home on Sunday why.
It begins to put in order as the corrugated cardboard of large mac catches one's eye whiffing ‥.

The switch enters with [puchi] while ..[itte].. saying glossing over as taken a rest, and it cleans and rolling up.

[Iyaa;]?Garbage goes out ‥ What in the house though thought at the previous move ‥ Only actually unnecessary [yona] ‥.

[Tto] cleaned today.
It doesn't stop when the switch enters once.

It stops and it gives it.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It was good as it was not rain tomorrow.

Is does it go dogs' strolling by Ichi in the morning, does not it fall, and [rakki-buu;] today?

There will be a move party in the company food [tto] and tomorrow.
It became only the people in the building this time because it was First though the guest also planned to call ‥ Does it surely become about 45 people if it matched it among 35?40 people the people in the owner company in the building ‥.

It is [nandakanda] ..move.. [no] putting things in order or arranging a party and the ice cream of the reward is [fu] . because there are a lot of expenses who is the child of endurance.

Is it better than there are no [maa;souiu] feelings in the place in which it endured it though thinks even if it says? my weeny ice cream fee

[Iyaa;]?Move..garbage..go out the trash..dig into one's

Is because the party simulated it in the head, the preparation OK [kanaa;]?It will begin to buy it tomorrow.

[Fufufu] . that has bought apron of cherry handle in 99 yen shop for preparation of party a little while ago so often
It is terrible. ‥ The apron : even for 99 yen.

! is..
It wants to be able to buy the ice cream by [sokka] and it and !. ?

Well ‥ As soon as good.

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It is the re-indecisive.

‥ It ..[tto].. is raining.
It is thought that it goes dogs' strolling when stopping even for a moment, and is it appearance [mitetakedo], and this world of this world [oro] [tteru] for a long time?The heavy rain warning seems to come out from ‥ in Yokohama.

..boiling.. [dawayo] of ..[-].. fuss. think dogs and our movement or going for a walk whenever borrowing the porcelain
Male dog [piezou] is [narundayona] to constipation if not going strolling ‥.

Is it six o'clock of tomorrow in pinpoint weather forecast when seeing?At nine o'clock
[Iyaa;]?My schedule during a day is the weather and a temperature situation.
Well such life [moikka]

The experience was up to today if it ....encounter.. ,.. was said along for one month of the yoga.
[N]?‥ The acceptance is instructor's sleep [chanmo].
Was the studio small for a moment though it was pleasant and good?


It is narrow, and stopping [chattashinaa;] overall after all though Nautilus room where it went ahead may be near.
It goes absolutely. It is likely not to go in Nautilus room even if [tte] is decided why ‥ It spottily strikes it.

[N]?Let's go for the visit because of there is new Nautilus room made by about one year ago ‥ It spottily strikes it.

It spottily strikes ‥.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

It eats the ice cream the reward.

It went to buy the case put on the lavatory because ten %OFF in Mujirushi-Ryohin until yesterday.

Because it goes to Yokohama Station ..[de].. with great pains
. ..doing... with the towel or change of clothes thinking the mother-of-pearl way after the yoga is incidentally done
[Iyaa;]?Did this yoga pass for a long time by not giving while water was drunk and take the pose?

It went to the Sogo Stores shop of a no sign while tired out and it thought about case [woji] [tto] by seeing.
Is height adjusted 24cm to 3 pieces or is 30cm adjusted to 3 pieces or is the size mixed ‥?

It hesitated for a long time how to do because it had been forgotten to measure the height of the wash basin.

"Please give this three to me" ‥ is [shobo] ..aunt who took the clerk.. [n] from side then.
All examined cases with 24cm were sold out.

It moves to the Joy eggplant shop of a no sign walking from there is no other way to the other side of the station.

24 3cm is moved to the other side of Yokohama Station again after all with heavy luggage in both hands.

It hung on the basket and the hand of the bicycle, the bicycle was pushed while becoming unintentional, and it returned.

It was heavy ‥.
Because the delivery fee : from 1000 yen [kakarutteiu] ‥ Does the ice cream get some when there are 1000 yen?

[Iyaa;] ‥
It retreats and [-] has written [tsuratsura] a good event.

[Aa;] ‥ Saying ! that did character of my indecision somehow
However, I do not hate this indecisive character.

When the height of the wash basin is measured, it is very [o;]. seem ..encounter.. , it so!
They are three cases, they are casters, and height is just [dattawayo].

[Fu] -

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

It is [-], and Monday. along[Go-go-gogo-] ♪ [chacchaccha] [cha♪]

[Iyaa;]?It ended on consecutive holidays ‥.

It was said it was possible to come [muu;] and did not exist this year as taken a rest.
It is [tari-zu] and tea [shita] together that dogs of ..encounter.. , yesterday. [Fufufufu].
It is [mattaridawayo] in the terrace seat for me as for "Holiday".

The driver doesn't neatly hit so often though it went to driving range yesterday ‥ 5W : than the driver though goes out the distance ‥.

Because [de], [onofu], and McGreger's [tameu] association had been done, it challenged the driver.

[Onofu] ‥
[Shobo] [n] that is not [-]. neatly hit
It embarrassed to the uncle comment of [onofu] what it was.
"I'm sorry for not neatly hitting" is instinctively wrong.

McGreger's driver afterwards.
For men swung ..the pleasant.. and it flew straight when the shaft of ladies' ..softness.. hardened, and it struck it by for men and the softness.
[N]?‥ By chance

Other manufacturers want also to do [tameu] ‥.

[Sateto] , this day is plenty ..doing...

[Uo;] [uo] [uooo] []

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Friday, May 6, 2011


[Fuu;]?Did it settle by the move of the company and finally about 55%?

It is not easy to use until a variety of changing and becoming accustomed though iMac of the house will be taken to the company starting with this move, and different Mac be used at home though it is a mere trifle ‥.

Though it always thinks though it is the same personal computer
When the personal computer that the person is using is used, do not you terribly use it easily?

Cannot able to go dogs' strolling because [sateto] , this day is rain and can the amount be slowed down a little?

The [aa;] discernment day is ..becoming it.. [-] that wants to enjoy taking a rest ‥.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Word of mouth is scared for the shop ‥.

[Iyaa;]?The move of the company also : safely.
It is possible to move from the third floor to the second floor and [tayoo;] ‥.

It is end [tenaindakedosa] . in me even if it says only by about 40%.
The floor remains still being cluttered ‥, too.

It will be golf after a long time the next day though [de] and the move have made the waist painful.
In the chiropractic of Yokohama because it strolls, the waist becomes painful further, and it became dog-walking haze corbicula feeling
The point where the reputation by word of mouth was good was found.

Is does it look rapidly, does a man of feeling without reliance for a moment do [hodokojutsu], and safe [kanaa;]?The pain was lost though it thought when ending.

It is goggling different from the heating pad of Shibuya to which it always goes. 「What?Do you come so?Getting [e;]?It is there?」It was interesting in the [tte] feeling.

This time though it was about 45 minutes first time including an explanation or an easy inspection ‥. Did it already want you to do for a moment long?
Though it seeming is about 45 minutes only in the goggle usually.
It encounters and the second store seems to open in new south exit in Shinjuku as for , on the 16th.

A different heating pad where it tried to go first is surprised to write "Extra became awful" or "It is recommended not to go in there was no knowledge at all" when word of mouth was seen so often ‥ Seeing of a good mouth [komi].

Word of mouth is terrible in various meanings.

↓ it... the heating pad that encounters and did ,

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