Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It is the re-indecisive.

‥ It ..[tto].. is raining.
It is thought that it goes dogs' strolling when stopping even for a moment, and is it appearance [mitetakedo], and this world of this world [oro] [tteru] for a long time?The heavy rain warning seems to come out from ‥ in Yokohama.

..boiling.. [dawayo] of ..[-].. fuss. think dogs and our movement or going for a walk whenever borrowing the porcelain
Male dog [piezou] is [narundayona] to constipation if not going strolling ‥.

Is it six o'clock of tomorrow in pinpoint weather forecast when seeing?At nine o'clock
[Iyaa;]?My schedule during a day is the weather and a temperature situation.
Well such life [moikka]

The experience was up to today if it ....encounter.. ,.. was said along for one month of the yoga.
[N]?‥ The acceptance is instructor's sleep [chanmo].
Was the studio small for a moment though it was pleasant and good?


It is narrow, and stopping [chattashinaa;] overall after all though Nautilus room where it went ahead may be near.
It goes absolutely. It is likely not to go in Nautilus room even if [tte] is decided why ‥ It spottily strikes it.

[N]?Let's go for the visit because of there is new Nautilus room made by about one year ago ‥ It spottily strikes it.

It spottily strikes ‥.

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