Monday, May 9, 2011

It eats the ice cream the reward.

It went to buy the case put on the lavatory because ten %OFF in Mujirushi-Ryohin until yesterday.

Because it goes to Yokohama Station ..[de].. with great pains
. ..doing... with the towel or change of clothes thinking the mother-of-pearl way after the yoga is incidentally done
[Iyaa;]?Did this yoga pass for a long time by not giving while water was drunk and take the pose?

It went to the Sogo Stores shop of a no sign while tired out and it thought about case [woji] [tto] by seeing.
Is height adjusted 24cm to 3 pieces or is 30cm adjusted to 3 pieces or is the size mixed ‥?

It hesitated for a long time how to do because it had been forgotten to measure the height of the wash basin.

"Please give this three to me" ‥ is [shobo] ..aunt who took the clerk.. [n] from side then.
All examined cases with 24cm were sold out.

It moves to the Joy eggplant shop of a no sign walking from there is no other way to the other side of the station.

24 3cm is moved to the other side of Yokohama Station again after all with heavy luggage in both hands.

It hung on the basket and the hand of the bicycle, the bicycle was pushed while becoming unintentional, and it returned.

It was heavy ‥.
Because the delivery fee : from 1000 yen [kakarutteiu] ‥ Does the ice cream get some when there are 1000 yen?

[Iyaa;] ‥
It retreats and [-] has written [tsuratsura] a good event.

[Aa;] ‥ Saying ! that did character of my indecision somehow
However, I do not hate this indecisive character.

When the height of the wash basin is measured, it is very [o;]. seem ..encounter.. , it so!
They are three cases, they are casters, and height is just [dattawayo].

[Fu] -

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