Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who?Who is it that it is there?

General shop ‥ ....[kuu;].. mortifying.. [i] by which it stopped with return [nifura] of today's hospital.
! ..understanding... It is miscellaneous goods there ‥.
The Eiffel Tower and the nebula are bought and [mashita] !.

Miscellaneous goods is bought why and mortifying is . ..the desire...
[Iyaa;]?Because it has bought it though it does, it is born to , general shop, grows into the general shop, and miscellaneous goods was sold on the net.

It wanted it for a long time [de].
"Projector dome" is painful to which the guy arrives.
It darkens it in , ..encounter.. bathroom, and it is [sutte] and ..projecting.. [tsudawayo] in the ceiling as for the heavenly body.
It has made it to the nebula with the Milky Way though it hesitated.

‥ The projected one is not ..how much one.. imaginable [rukedosa] , [maa;maa;iija].

[Aa;]?After all, miscellaneous goods is happy.
This thing recalled by having forgotten feelings [zutto] it is what of saying in childhood often.
"Will become a buyer who goes to foreign countries for purchase taking [kazurinha] and a red sports car" is [hahahahaha].

[Muu;] [mumuu;]?Wait, and recalling old times since yesterday : fully.
What.. [iitaindayoo;] what.
Can it be turning around?
It is what on earth ‥ Spottily spottily.

Even if you think because it encounters, whether , I am a bosom is done, and it says「[Aa;]?I want to return in those days. 」[Tte] has not been thought.
Moreover, it doesn't have the memory of old times. [Hahahahahaha].

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