Sunday, September 5, 2010

Is muscular pain tomorrow??

[Iyaa;]?To after a long time on Saturday
The golf club was gripped and it brandished it in the whir.

The golf tile comes to want to do the mystery and golf for a while though thought if it brandishes it.

The person is straw very straw around nine o'clock when going in the night of [de] and Sunday at the time of the staying open until late at night where the at bat became free ‥ There was a person who was waiting for the at bat to become vacant, too.

[A;] ..Fuji classic ..[arekanaa;] and Ryo Ishikawa.. Sankei it.. ..the victory.. ..seeing it.. ..the excitement of all.. ..whether it is likely to come.. ‥?Everyone is energetic in spite of Sunday night.
, energetic [nakoto] is [iikoccha] ..

It became empty tired out by one [kago] yesterday though 3 and four [kago] were able to be stricken ahead in the whir for a moment why.
[Yabainaa;]?Physical strength fell ‥.

Spottily spottily ‥

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