Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fair hair of shaking irritation Eliza

‥ It repeats when thinking when having recovered.

Burbling it applied an ointment and it slept widely in the evening though it seemed to be a strong medicine because it had reddened.

Contacting the person for a moment has become not good ..food [tto].. recently.
Is [attesa] , restlessly said from last year ‥?

Well, the person regards himself/herself the basis.
The other party has understood well [ittekoto] ..no request...

What though report and took ahead without worrying at all? will not
Old times and the relation are also already different and ..becoming it.. ..

It is [rutteiuka] of away, and [n] because [-]. What do you say ‥?

The book on latest web in the bookstore was said to purchase thinking that such pat I who did not come was driven in further.

While ..[de].. browsing
It is gradually lonesome fast in the world of web advanced at a terrible fast speed.

It is unpleasant, not good, and !. It was likely to have it be being necessary to do for the unpleasantness and me however will being to be ..[tte].. stirred up now persuaded spottily and returned without buying it after all ‥.

Lonesomely with irritation Eliza who is not the therapeutic consequence ‥ It is an emotionally unstable period again.

It is not possible to say by tell the person a lonesome story thinking of ..badness.. [itte] easily.

[Kedosa] . that will become surely energetic. become , ..retreat.. [-] sooner or later


[Hahaha] ..shall not always irritation surely Eliza it.. when working however ..however...

[Iyaa;]?I want to strengthen in various meanings.

..encounter.. ?It has grumbled.

[Ina] ..trouble.. [watashi] ..[aa;].. :.


It squeezes it with the lamplight at the end.

Rapid rapid [zun] ‥ [Fuffuu;]?♪

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The surgical knife dog Pieta picks up and I think that eaten feelings are understood for a moment.

[Damessu] that is strike ・・ ‥ [yoro] ‥ It is stomach [ga], [pekorin], and [yoroyoro] [suru].

The house did and it was going to finish easily in daytime because there was full & work, too and was no time and it ate two rice cakes today , ..encounter.. [iyaa;].
It is only 50 seconds in the microwave oven.
Only the desire swells, seaweed is wrapped, and [chachattosa].

The stroll of [de] and dogs afterwards is prepared and [pekorin] in [tarasude] ‥ It is certain and one rice cake must be the same as the meal one bowlful ‥ Because it ate 2 pieces, meal two bowlfuls.
Whether the particular hunger has and doesn't learn [?pe] by experience when going to walk while spottily saying and coming back.

It has munching eaten two rice crackers while watching one point a little while ago.

There must be an eclair bought yesterday in the refrigerator ‥ No, it is the one that it does and there can be an oak bought for the enjoyment tonight.

[Iyaa;]?It gives priority to work more than meal when it does and there is , work, and it eats and it pulls it out terrible and late.
Is it natural ..encounter.. ,?

However, it is this repetition and [kowashichattarisurundayone] [-] as for the body ‥ Do if you do not take care?

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