Monday, June 20, 2011

What is the movement that suits me?

It is ..arm.. [mozomozosuru]. Very much when it sees whiffing thinking.
..[iarinko].. ..[aru].. [tetawayo] is... weeny
It encountered and [-] was surprised.

[Iyaa;]?Perhaps, it goes dogs' strolling.
It stuck surely at that time because it had raged in the grassy place.
[Fuu;]?The ladybird must enter the room and in the evening ‥ Spottily.

It encountered and saying did the said stretch to the waist loudly at , aspect aspect end of the week.
Then, left [piki] ..the back, the waist, and the leg.. ! from yesterday. [Tte] hurts.

Feeling because of no feeling muscular pain like what.. neuralgia.
It came ‥.
Becoming it so much by such a stretch ‥ Moreover, the legume can be done and it is painful in the little finger of the right leg today in the stroll.
[Uu;]?Having become weakening [chii] [tai] so much ‥ [Shobo] [n].

In the recent Chinese medicine outpatient so often
Does the body grow old when suddenly moving ..intensely.. when speaking even if becoming muscular pain ..sitting in the rest room on the teacher when it sees and [yu-ko] [sumida] Jackson's DVD moves.. tightly?[Tte] was said.
You seem should move slowly by the pace ‥.

However, it does and the oak.
The stretch does the pat that doesn't come for me ‥ [Aa;]?[Uu;u;]?

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