Sunday, October 17, 2010

The conclusion: After all, it has shrunk by about 4cm.

It is a curtain with the hemp washed the other day, and return [tawayo] for a moment when drying.
Length's changing so much
Is does [maa;demoyokatta] and the race disappear, and [fuu;]?。

After it goes dogs' being stroll in the future, [sateto] , this day is meeting in Ginza to mother.

Staying, and it is [suu;], and [fuffuu;] in the hotel in Tokyo tonight the grasp of money of the savings box of [pie;] [runo] pig that wrote the other day. ♪

When , aspect aspect hotel was encountering reserved, "The mother's congratulation at the wedding anniversary was held concurrently and used" was written in the comment column.
Then, mail came to "Please teach mother's name".
It is [yattaa;] to seem to give the present. 。

Do because [de] and "It is also possible to put the message in the card with the hotel logo" were written?Ask commemoration, depend, think [-], do, write the mail of the answer of the reward to the person in charge of , staying by the polite remark, and, however, because the part of the message was going to be made my word「Let's energetically enjoy it up to 150 years old in [go-go-gogo-] ♪ [chacchaccha] [cha♪] the future though it doesn't put. [Fuffuu;]?[Uo;] [uo;] of which ♪ I also work hard. (excerpt of part)」It wrote.
Now though it doesn't apologize for the person's at the hotel writing such sentences.
Then, mail came though the message would be certainly received the next day.

I think that I fully speak not to put it tonight.

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