Monday, January 3, 2011

The worldly desires school gang leader, again.

Dependence ! that considerably pulls it out ..pulling out.. ..good.. when the bought ear application is done by the sale the other day and it goes dogs' strolling.
Moreover, what is my saying ape [ppokutekawaee;]?[Hahahahaha].

[Uu;]?Worldly desires are spotty "futsufutsu" [nanoyo].
Spottily spottily ‥

The digital camera that has it now : ..seeming ..encounter.. , it so...
How many..charge a for.

[O;] very when going to Yodobashi Camera [desa] and [pie;] [ruga] yesterday.
Dependence ! also in the cheapest shop the aimed digital camera is a net ..sales for 9980 yen.. though it was about 12000 yen.
Moreover, [dawayo] with the point.
[Rakkii;]?♪ [fuffuu;]?♪

Dogs' images will be able to be taken by this.
, was encountered and not done at all though registered in PIXTA if it was said along ‥ [Aa;]. Incidently, it did not start improving dogs' animation to YouTube ‥.

It was not necessary to have inadvertently chased by the cleaning.
It is ‥.

It does it or doesn't do or be . ..doing.. what.

It is [yaruzo] this year.
[Uo;] [].

[Puo;] [puoo;] []. (conch shell)

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