Monday, August 29, 2011

Food is important.

[Tarasaa;] ..seeing... the television the other day
‥ The recipe book was bought holding now.

However, is it bought and has the third already passed, too?Moreover, it doesn't read.
[N] ‥ It feels like buying, and surely in me.

..doing like me somewhere.. [undana] [-]. cook while seeing the recipe book and
It says very much or doing according to the recipe in obedience as it is is thought [hahaha] for a moment.

Importance thought is this especially and now [dakedosa] . of [demosa] , in "Food" recently.

(eyes that see the distance) When it is a student, [suggoi] [fu] it takes care of one's health and [tetamonnaa;] ‥ It is troublesome to make dinner it was living alone, tea [shitesore] is made the dinner taking the place with [misudo], continues to the return of the university, and curry of the retort of the day of the squid rolling and the [negitoro] rolling.

Is living alone suitable though it depends on the person though it is good?..[ninaru]...
Are there a lot of dining out and is "Food" really suitable though it cleaned for me?[Dattakarana] .

It only had to think of the future neatly holding now again.

Well, in the no use of being able to return to the past or spottily saying it ‥ Taking care in the future is [umu] assumed that it is acceptable only to be able to think by striking it.

....encounter.. ,.. neatly now. Is does it cook and [terusaa;]?[Rururuu;]?♪
Does it ..reward.. eat the powdered green tea red bean ice today therefore?[Ruruu;]?♪

It encountered and the sigh of , male dog [piezou] was improved to YouTube.
"Breathe for me" is here ↓.

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