Friday, October 29, 2010

It was cool.

It was firing of the surgical knife dog Pieta painful in rapid succession in the morning today.

Get excited before the stroll and to the table

It is hips and amends, puts on 1m in height table, bundles the string to the neck, dries with the drier, slides the hinder leg from the table by the Pieta while it took its eyes off for a moment of the cod, and is neck hanging [chattesa] [-] very surprise at the return of the stroll.
Though it was good because the string was able to be taken by noisily doing ‥ [Oo;]?..scaring.. [].

It was [shiku] ..Pieta [mobibi].. , and it was obedient for a while.
It seems to be safe because it brandished it in the whir biting the neck of male dog [piezou] though worried when returning to the house.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It toasts with the dry snack.

It is cold ‥ Is it rain today and cannot it go for a walk?。

There was shopping and it went to Yokohama Station so often yesterday.
[N]?Shopping delightfully [i;] after all?♪
However, though the dress that became a nature for me was put in the shopping basket once ‥ No, the shopping binge strikes stopping and is return [tawayo] in the counter.
[Erai]. Endurance [shitazo] often ! ..I..

It moves to a favorite food counter for the sale aim of time buying the side dish of the dinner ..[de].. doing in the "futsufutsu".

I thought that I bought the steak meat making strenuous efforts because it was [de], and [hapie;] [runo] birthday yesterday.

The steak meat of [matsuzakaushi] was POP very [ga] of 30%OFF yesterday. [Rakki]?When the price is seen with ♪, 2,380 yen is 1,666 yen however if it is 30%OFF ‥ [Korenaraikeruka]. ?How much is it thinking in sleep [chan] of the counter?[Tte] began to measure the gram when hearing it.
Getting []. Do you measure it? It shouts in the [tte] mind ‥.
Sleep [chan] "Become 2,980 yen". ‥ It seeming had been 2,380 yen apparently for 100g.

It is not ..It is hardly.. [-] to buy the ingredient for 500 yen or more ..can purchase.. for me ..the meat of 3,000 yen...
Moreover, because the steak meat is not bought, it doesn't understand ‥.

After all, ‥ has become a switch system because it decided that [de] and sake are drunk.
[Uu;]?It apologizes ‥.
As for 3,000 yen, it is instant if dining out.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 27

Though it is an anniversary of father's death today
[Pie;] [runi] was completely forgotten until being said in the evening as the head was full of doing as treatment ‥.

[Au;] ‥ I'm sorry father
Even if it is solved that the time of sadness, it is [umu] however that much.

[Iyaa;]?It has taken a nap while feeling [puu;], [puu;], and the [tte] snorting of the surgical knife dog Pieta in the evening.
[Fu] ..‥.. .

The receipts that had been collected since the morning were brought together, the fan was put away, and [banban;yaruzo] [-] in this vein on [sateto] , this day.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Let's go to rain [furisoudakedo] , stroll.

[Uu;]?It was cold, [purupuru] trembled at the dawn, and it awoke.
Gradually ‥ Chilly at the evening in the morning. 。

The temperature seems to fall at a dash in the afternoon, and to blow today the first cold wintry wind.
Therefore, I think the futon to be a mother-of-pearl way for the winter of autumn.
The cushion that encounters and is put in , dogs' [kure-to] is not put out.

In the dog-walking, the morning of the summer time or for a moment the evening even ahead would ‥. Summer ended before one is aware or it is early.

[Kosoyaruzo] today because all [**] in the house was not able to be done by having been asked by mother and being brandished in the whir food [tto] and yesterday.

[Uo;] [].

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

It is healed by the wind.

[Iyaa;]?The day before yesterday's male dog [piezouno]
Now because of the [kawaee;] sound. .."[Puu;]?".. sound of [onara]It became a calm mind by the favor of [piezou] though it went out to falling ・・ turning up when holding.

[Aa;] and being healed so much by [onara]

The cleaner or the digit : to the square cushion for that dogs get on a little while ago.
Open [tawayo] ..surgical knife dog Pieta.. hand of the knob of the door ..lowering... Well fuss over

It ..[bi] last.. ..hanging.. ..[yo;] furnace.. barked on [de] and the chair by [pi] lamplights in [tsupi] lamplight [yo;] furnace getting on.
After all, it seems to be better than flooring.
[Kururi] [ntteshiteruzo] and [fu] . on the Puppis futon of two.

[Nuo;]?One already o'clock it !
[Uu;]?Did not you not seem to do today?

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

It ate roast meat while standing.

It did not update it [aa;] and yesterday.

‥ Is a good medicine tastes bitter of [maa;demo]?
It is healed by teacher's ..[de].. as usual word.
The mind lightened by feeling where it went to the psychic treatment internal medicine and it returned.

The place where the greenback that had been being prayed the other day was put up was made so often.
It puts on the shelf because there is no household Shinto altar, and the container that puts water, the salt, and rice has been bought.
After it come to be, the face is not very washed in the house, and it ate meal and briskly because of having qualified though give water washing one's face in the morning and bow and done by two bow two applause though it is a mere trifle.
After all, the salt and rice were changed every day. Person..good.。

The cassette stove is put under the ventilation fan and the standing roast meat tonight.
Is it happy for feelings to change considerably?

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I want to become a lovely woman the smile ‥.

[Iyaa;]?It went to pray to the Shinto shrine in Yamanashi yesterday.
It took three hours or more ‥.

The dissipated pan that had been eaten in daytime was delicious.
Then, because pickles of the radish and the cucumber served by service were delicious, it heard it on one's return.

It seems just to be good in the morning if the radish is put in the plastic bag before it sleeps, the soy sauce is dripped for a moment, it mixes, it deflates, and it puts it in the refrigerator.
I will also try such it delicious only in the soy sauce.

[Umuu;]?The aunt in the Shinto shrine also
The aunt in the shop that had been eaten in daytime was good the smile ‥. camera..take..see.[Nankananoyo]. ‥ See the mirror and with practice and ..dependence.. [-].
Is it it was safe [fuu;] though the weather was a little undesirable?。

Will be it a clinic [sateto] , this day and tomorrow?

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[Basa] and [basa] ‥ [Tata] - that has it

One night stay is instant ‥.
Do with hesitancy?[Bassabassa] has been extended to small bird's wing.

In case of not being ..the experience report book on , ..encounter.. hotel...
Is it useless?Let's write graffiti and the report tomorrow because it is sleepy today.
However, is it the day after tomorrow because it goes to the Shinto shrine in Yamanashi that is to pray on Wednesday ‥.

It is not skirt this time and because I wanted to sweep pants after all, actually purchase [niittanoyo] ! in Saturday so often as for the girdle.
[Iyaa;]?The thigh and the waist were able to cancel.
However, though it was considerably painful because it was a girdle after a long time ‥ [Umu] that there is no other way.

Dogs : in the fuss ‥ when coming back.
The swift attack girdle was taken off, and the usual jeans were and went dogs' strolling.

[Au;]?By 6cm heel after a long time ‥ The leg is terrible muscular pain ‥.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The conclusion: After all, it has shrunk by about 4cm.

It is a curtain with the hemp washed the other day, and return [tawayo] for a moment when drying.
Length's changing so much
Is does [maa;demoyokatta] and the race disappear, and [fuu;]?。

After it goes dogs' being stroll in the future, [sateto] , this day is meeting in Ginza to mother.

Staying, and it is [suu;], and [fuffuu;] in the hotel in Tokyo tonight the grasp of money of the savings box of [pie;] [runo] pig that wrote the other day. ♪

When , aspect aspect hotel was encountering reserved, "The mother's congratulation at the wedding anniversary was held concurrently and used" was written in the comment column.
Then, mail came to "Please teach mother's name".
It is [yattaa;] to seem to give the present. 。

Do because [de] and "It is also possible to put the message in the card with the hotel logo" were written?Ask commemoration, depend, think [-], do, write the mail of the answer of the reward to the person in charge of , staying by the polite remark, and, however, because the part of the message was going to be made my word「Let's energetically enjoy it up to 150 years old in [go-go-gogo-] ♪ [chacchaccha] [cha♪] the future though it doesn't put. [Fuffuu;]?[Uo;] [uo;] of which ♪ I also work hard. (excerpt of part)」It wrote.
Now though it doesn't apologize for the person's at the hotel writing such sentences.
Then, mail came though the message would be certainly received the next day.

I think that I fully speak not to put it tonight.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

‥ lonesomely

[Iyaa;]?It is washing [dawayo] today from the morning as for the curtain of living.
Wipe cleaning [dawayo] incidentally.
[Uu;]?House dust and [tataunoyo] , [uo].

[Muu;]?However, in reality ‥
Dust?Do because it doesn't die?[Fuu;]?..might ease.. [kedosa] . like ♪

[De] ‥
Because washing the curtain ended a little while ago
[Shobo] ..‥.. [n]
The curtain of the race must be longer and see and ‥ It has shrunk by about 6cm.

[Uu;]?This is [i] ..can do nothing but extend it with the iron... Think..iron..disregard..install..useless.

It is ..shrinking.. [mu] with the conclusion and hemp.

Incidently, the bedspread is washed ahead, and it is fallen by about 20cm and [ke] [aa;] ‥.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Laboratory results of allergy coryza

It went to otolaryngology and dermatology yesterday.

It is hearing [tawayo] as for laboratory results of the allergy coryza.
There was even class 0?6, were a lot of cryptomerias, and class 3.
When the house dust is class 1 in class 2, the pollen of a gramineous plant : now.
"Developed an allergy for one year because of what loans" was said by the teacher.

[N]?Such subjective symptom [naindakedona] a [-] ‥ The recent nose drip was settled in about four days, too.
The allergy is now ..saying.. [waretemonee;] that the [maa;demo] dog was good by 0.

[Auu;]? the

[Uu;]?It is washing immediately [tawayo] as for bedroom curtains.
[Ara] of complete sets of the futon covers ..passing.. . before dogs are washed now.

Now when seeing.
[Kaa;] once a week. [Muu;].

It encounters, it will be asleep when , aspect aspect vespertine, and is damp of [koron], [shitara], and the pillow, and [tesa] and what?A round bristletail of about 20cm in the pillowcase when seeing thinking smells and Mr. Mr. [shitakedo] doesn't smell ‥.
Apparently, it seems to be slaver of male dog [piezou].

After it pillows of me, it waits before it sleeps and is [koron] and is [shiterundayona] at time ‥ [Fuu;]?
So as not to get on the pillow this time, is anything put?

[Umuu;]?Cleaning and [aa;] cleaning

[Aa;], endless cleaning game, and ..desire.. [ebaikka].

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[Umuu;]?Is feng shui studied ‥?

[Iyaa;]?It was burning out [tawayo] yesterday ‥.

‥ The veranda is cleaned thoroughly from that and [-], the floor, the wall ..doing.., and the ceiling have been driven putting out ..what.. ..not holding.. whether it is 4 time.
And, the root and the right arm with the right hand thumb are muscular pain.

It refreshing with thought doing at the end of the year last year of [iyaa;demo] ..doing.. because it had not done?[Fuu;].

Various for a moment in ..[koredeii] [fuufu] [kukana].. recent painful of certain.
Cleaned the rest room, and to going in a good direction ‥ [Panpan].

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Monday, October 11, 2010

[Uo;] [] that will work hard.

[Ohayoo;]?Is it Tuesday today ‥?
It has gone to the internal medicine department for Ichi to receive a specific medical examination in the morning a little while ago.

[Iyaa;]?Moment clinic week [dawayo].
Dermatology that does laser ,
It is otolaryngology to hearing as for laboratory results of the allergy coryza.
It is a result of a specific medical examination and it is an internal medicine department and usual clinic & Chinese medicine outpatient ‥ [Fu] ..

It might be lonesome the other day and becomes energetic, and [desa] and mother stop and will be staying mother [dawayo] in the hotel in Tokyo next week ..holding suddenly.. wanting, up to now, and hereafter the desire as [-] tile story so. say

[Fuffuu;]?♪ [fuffuu;]?

It is [] well when money of the savings box of the pig that restlessly put the small change of the cod and [pie;] [rugao] purse thinking [desa] and my paying a hotel bill is spent.

[Uo;] []. [Uo;] []. [Uoo;] [].
Thank you [u;]

It cleans the veranda, and it works hard.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Three consecutive holidays?[Fuffuu;]?♪

[Iyaa;]?It is good on three consecutive holidays.

From F Sawa of Mr./Ms. on the night of food [tto] and Friday
There was an invitation of the barbecue and it went to play to home.

Though all rose by meat
I alone did not apologize for [te] deliciously eating usually ‥.

Incidently, what is the pleased [gakya] [kya] food of me?It thought of [tte].
Black olive, raw ham, cheese, and pickles of vegetable. [Fuffuu;]?It is not slices of raw fish and no salted fish guts if it is ♪ , is.. sake. [Fuffuu;]?It picks up after all or is [fu] - of ♪.

It went to the dog cafe with dogs [de] and today.
Was only did the digital camera in the end and it a dog that took a picture though the forelock by which I attached the bed hair putting on the favorite T-shirt because the dessert service and the souvenir picture for the dog were taken when going born of dogs months and it ..[rutte].. heard there was straightened?

Was it ..becoming it.. [-], and did it think that it took a picture all together?‥ [Maa;iikedo].

[Shikkashi] ‥
"24" is ..aspect.. ..change.. [razudesunoo;]. ‥ It finishes seeing and tired out [dawayo].

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

It was happy.


Do at such a little time?The figure must not change or spottily.
It is a skirt because there is no other way again.
Now when sitting on the train, are shutting [nakya] and [omo] the leg strained?The leg trembled [purupuru].

After all, atmosphere [ttei] [-] of the hotel though it arrived at [de] and the hotel in Tokyo.
That dark for a moment lobby ‥ [Ufu].

[De] and this purpose are exhibitions of the newest model of a certain auto manufacturer (It is [hapa] [chi] treatment in me).

[Iyaa;]?Massage whose thing to get dessert of tasting hotel atmosphere for me and female limitation is purpose
With the table of horizontal [ccho] of the exhibited car
Have you gotten the dessert and coffee?[Kupu].

When the image is seen, it is ..aunt.. face and [sho-kku] in previous of [demosa] , dessert though the [jasuggoi] smile [nda] face of me was taken by carrying.

[Aa;]?However, was it happy?(eyes that see distance)

It encounters and , aspect puts on the school uniform in the along hall.
The [shotta] ..sports bag.. junior high school student in the back came alone and the coming commemorative gift entered firmly for [te] and the hand.
It seems to have lowered the paper bag of the manufacturer ‥ ([pie;] [ru] witnessing. )

‥ [Rubeshi] and ..scaring.. junior high school student.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Allergy coryza?

It went to otolaryngology and the nose drip was looked after yesterday.

It does so and it cods it.
How allergy coryza will![Tteiujanainoo;].
It is a surprise at an unexpected diagnosis because it was thought cold [ppikika].

[Uu;]?It is hanging of the nose because of hay fever down in spring and it ‥ It is [moka] this time ! in autumn. ?

It collects blood and the result : being encouraged the examination of the allergy even one week later.
However ..deflecting... Allergy..inspection..teacher..go.It cost 5000 yen only in the inspection charge, and spottily spottily.

Do you go out in the evening on [sateto] , this day?[Fuffuu;]?‥

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It is defeated at the cold or is [uo;].


Because there is auto manufacturer [nopa] [chi] (Though it is not [pa] [chi] in reality) at the hotel on the [uu;] discernment day, it waits in the lounge at the hotel and tea is [goi] of ..becoming empty.. [-] enjoyment [nishitetanonii;]. ・・

..saying.. [-] and with hesitancy
It goes to otolaryngology after it goes to the usual clinic and the nose and throat [nipu] are stabbed abruptly today.
..[de].. afterwards, it goes to cut the hair.

[Uu;]?It is yell and [base] ..blown off.. [-] [uo;] [] as for the cold.

An aspect of ..encounter.. , aspect last day in dogs' strolls
Waited and it looked forward because it sat for a moment in the park where the sea was seen ‥.

[De] and male dog [piezou] are the translations to which it happily walked in the rustle as usual in the grass in the park because it is loved to enter the grassy place.
When [piezou] ..[desa].. is seen ..blown off.., it is a black ..little by little.. [ga] when the face mesne.
What? on the

However, [-n] ‥.
It sits, and in this, it is not possible to wait, and it returns ahead of time and eruptive [butsubutsu] of wanting flushing.

[Tawayo] like the deer in Nara Park ..turning one's face away.. when pointing one's camera at thinking of [desa] and the dirty face in photograph [to].

Possession ‥

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Monday, October 4, 2010

If you do not write the census ‥ only today

It is feelings [dawayo] of Yokohama Station today ..holding suddenly.. though thought going in the supermarket in the vicinity to which it goes always at yesterday evening. It went to the supermarket in Yokohama to shop for [chari] [chari] dinner thinking of [tte] severe [cha] it.

It good because it went suddenly or [nankasuggoku] [raku] [shikutesaa;]?

Does it go to super-CIAL FOOD PLAZA at my favorite station, and is the yakitori bought by the top of Japan?
Is the side dish bought for 00 yen per four daily dishes [yade] Pacific Ten of the sale inside of time?
It goes to the bay quarter shop of loved this afterwards and shop and KALDI, and sweet for a moment coffee is waited for at the entrance getting and looking for the cut-price merchandise while drinking and it shops.


It returned in the way back while singing child [runrun] of the flower.
[Iyaa;]?‥ Occasionally if you do not differ.

In dogs' strolls on an aspect of ..encounter.. , aspect last day,
After it had illuminated it the light's being improved, it was white. came ..2 and [mojojo] [tto]..

However ‥,
It enjoys by such a tiny thing and it is interesting ‥.

Such [monkai] a ?
[N]?Such [monka] ‥
[Takaraikka] ..happy... ..reeling.. ,

It is enjoyment finding [yokkana] today something.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

It takes a census and it doesn't write.

It goes to TSUTAYA on Saturday morning.
It borrows "24" from the first, and it is [tawayo], and [fu] ..

[Iyaa;]?It did for a long time noisily on the weekend ‥.

It encounters and golf competition [depie;] [ruga] of [gorufusutajiosuburiba] on Saturday of , has been won the championship.
I surely am [umu] rice ball power to make...

Though it was happy also for me to participate in the golf competition of bar BROWN JUG in Ebisu on Sunday ‥ [Iyaa;]?Lonesome [ni] of ..becoming it.. result.
Are it enabled to reel and to only have to participate in ,?。

Because treatment starts at about the unpleasantness and the end of next week
I think that I go when [chiku] and it is possible to take it play while being possible to play.

‥ Regrettably by wanting meet everyone.

The surgical knife dog Pieta : so often.
Apparently, it seems to like neo Mr. of black love though it was thought whether border collie's Mr. Yamato liked it ‥.

Well ‥.

[Kedosa] . that is story of [tte] feeling

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthday of piezou , Pieta

[Uu;]?‥ [Surenda] [-ba] [dei;]?Plan [dawayo].
Spin [shitanoda] for the second successive day.
Well. . ..doing... think [ikka] from anything and [ranai]

..encounter.. season 8 of "24" ..seeming , it so.. is rental beginning [dawayo] from tomorrow.

[Muu;]?All [a;] ..whether queue up...
It is safe [umu] if not sleeping twice because opening TSUTAYA is ten o'clock.

Days are dogs in October today ....encounter.. ,...
Three years old who is the birthday of [piezou] , Pieta.
Is it [sukusuku] and [sunoo;]?

Incidently, though it said on the television
The number of pet dogs seems to be more than the number of children in the fertility decline now ‥.

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