Friday, October 29, 2010

It was cool.

It was firing of the surgical knife dog Pieta painful in rapid succession in the morning today.

Get excited before the stroll and to the table

It is hips and amends, puts on 1m in height table, bundles the string to the neck, dries with the drier, slides the hinder leg from the table by the Pieta while it took its eyes off for a moment of the cod, and is neck hanging [chattesa] [-] very surprise at the return of the stroll.
Though it was good because the string was able to be taken by noisily doing ‥ [Oo;]?..scaring.. [].

It was [shiku] ..Pieta [mobibi].. , and it was obedient for a while.
It seems to be safe because it brandished it in the whir biting the neck of male dog [piezou] though worried when returning to the house.

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