Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It toasts with the dry snack.

It is cold ‥ Is it rain today and cannot it go for a walk?。

There was shopping and it went to Yokohama Station so often yesterday.
[N]?Shopping delightfully [i;] after all?♪
However, though the dress that became a nature for me was put in the shopping basket once ‥ No, the shopping binge strikes stopping and is return [tawayo] in the counter.
[Erai]. Endurance [shitazo] often ! ..I..

It moves to a favorite food counter for the sale aim of time buying the side dish of the dinner ..[de].. doing in the "futsufutsu".

I thought that I bought the steak meat making strenuous efforts because it was [de], and [hapie;] [runo] birthday yesterday.

The steak meat of [matsuzakaushi] was POP very [ga] of 30%OFF yesterday. [Rakki]?When the price is seen with ♪, 2,380 yen is 1,666 yen however if it is 30%OFF ‥ [Korenaraikeruka]. ?How much is it thinking in sleep [chan] of the counter?[Tte] began to measure the gram when hearing it.
Getting []. Do you measure it? It shouts in the [tte] mind ‥.
Sleep [chan] "Become 2,980 yen". ‥ It seeming had been 2,380 yen apparently for 100g.

It is not ..It is hardly.. [-] to buy the ingredient for 500 yen or more ..can purchase.. for me ..the meat of 3,000 yen...
Moreover, because the steak meat is not bought, it doesn't understand ‥.

After all, ‥ has become a switch system because it decided that [de] and sake are drunk.
[Uu;]?It apologizes ‥.
As for 3,000 yen, it is instant if dining out.

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