Thursday, May 19, 2011

Facebook debut

Invitation mail of facebook the other day from acquaintance?Because facebook was a real name, it was and did not register resistance for a moment though wanting to see reached, and it was anxious from ahead.

However, the name and the mail address were put thinking registration in the switch of the talk for a moment yesterday and it logged it in.

Now, and then, acquaintance's face is and is surprise [dawayo] of lying about in the corner in "Is it a friend?".
The president of the design company indebted ahead also arrives why ‥.

Feelings bad [] of getting [e;] why. It thought of [tte].
Were they five people yesterday after all?It registered about the friend.

Well. Surely than Twitter
Though it is thought that it is not a translation to which what is done only by registering either ‥


It encounters, everyone takes the garbage that went out by the move of the company up to the first floor on , aspect aspect last day, and afterwards.
Even if it costs 37,500 yen though the trader disposed.
It was possible to go out for a drink with all [fuu;] ‥.

It will not save it up in the future.

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