Thursday, June 16, 2011


[Umuu;] [mumumuu;]

What do you want to do, and what do you want to do from now on ‥?

It variously thought about [te] by encountering and telling , friend such a talk with mail.
It embarrasses, and, however, there is wanting to make the thing if after all, there is not an income either though want to be found one's thing by me.

[De] and what?..shallowness.. ? in case of me become it..turning over.. [hiro]. It is likely not to become [kudakara] business and ‥ Because it is hobbies, it is [naa;] in complete.

It makes an excuse for something and nothing is done ‥ Time passes hour by hour while it thinks thus ‥.

This year..half a year..pass.

[Umuu;]?[Mumumuu;] ‥?

, this day was an outpatient of the Chinese medicine. originated

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