Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Better fortune

There was yesterday thief, too.
[Pie;] [rugananka] ‥

This is better fortune [dawayo]. Kitchen was cleaned for the time being thinking of [tte].
[Iyaa;]?It burnt out.

However, now ..it...
It is mortified to look a place not seen or a detailed place to be a cleaning rapidly because it massaged it and not to change so much somehow ‥.

Moreover, even if you clean it
Do not you connect with the better fortune of the parents' family?[Maa;ikka] though it thought of [tte].

, ..doing.. ..[de].. cleaning it.
100,000 yen [kaa;] earned with the miscellaneous goods that had been written yesterday ‥ It thought variously.

There is work that the risk is even the same 100,000 yen higher and the stomach aches every day, too and it ‥ It finds one's thing because of [maa;demo] every day and [taiyonaa;] ‥ Does only by "Favor"?It is not likely to be able to do, and if you do not do wanting do after all even if it is unpleasant.

Anyway, I am cleaning [surunoda] !.

[Uo;] [].

Better fortune [].

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