Thursday, September 1, 2011

Muscular pain

[Iyaa;]?It is [sunoo;] in September ‥.

[Suggoi] [ase] [dakudawayo] in the morning though it went dogs' strolling before it rains only though humidity is terrible and it walks.
The Legal Affairs Bureaus in Shibuya and the bank are wandered about by use, it walks fast, and the day of ..dripping.. [ima] was muscular pain yesterday in sober.

[Muu;]?Incidently, the junior high school or the high school moves and ..sweat.. exists. It wins, it is defeated, and though it is occasionally painful ‥ It is emotion [tteattayonaa;].

For instance, it costs [moarukedo] and money of [tarisurutteiu] of some rallies or going out in golf and puts out the movement very much.
Does not it have such a sense of accomplishment in a more familiar point?

[Damedadameda] of ..encounter.. [-] !
Such [roiyouja] of ..sweetness.. [ccho] [dameda] a !

[Kaa;] [ttsu] !
It is yourself or it is [tsu] !.

[Uoo;] [].

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