Thursday, December 16, 2010

This eruptive "futsufutsu" feelings ‥ It is what.

This worldly desires [] that cannot be suppressed. [Uu;]?[Uuuu;]?

It goes to the company to print the [kazurin] calendar, and it is [chiku] and [yattetanoyo] in the usual sushi shop in Ebisu to the return in the unpleasantness and the evening.

? ..doing... combine [de], the habitue then, and the master
[Iyaa;]?It is happy, and terrible.

Is , year warmer said at [dene] and the return ..her Farr's ear application.. encounter?
When it costs 13,500 yen, it : by being ..doing...

It ..[de].. thought.
It doesn't shop incidently recently, and [-] ..may buy shoes by you...

It moves to the usual bar afterwards, it speaks, and the cod.
It swam at 5km in the swim or it went to Hawaii alone by bicycle last week as the remainder 50km was tight and it did by the fifth golf round ‥.

While hearing such a thing
It is [koredeiinoka] ? to my recent lukewarm water life. !Worldly desires [ga] the "futsufutsu" again when thinking of [tte].

Not speaking with person recently is actually good and [nainoka] ? what. !

It became it, and it tried to restrain various eruptive "futsufutsu" feelings or it bought and it filled with the roll cake one's mouth in the convenience store in spite of the middle of the night ..sweetness.. ..[imono].. cooking [suggoi] [tabe] though it did not know.


Desire of [aa;demoko] ‥


[Uu;u] ?

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