Saturday, October 23, 2010

It ate roast meat while standing.

It did not update it [aa;] and yesterday.

‥ Is a good medicine tastes bitter of [maa;demo]?
It is healed by teacher's ..[de].. as usual word.
The mind lightened by feeling where it went to the psychic treatment internal medicine and it returned.

The place where the greenback that had been being prayed the other day was put up was made so often.
It puts on the shelf because there is no household Shinto altar, and the container that puts water, the salt, and rice has been bought.
After it come to be, the face is not very washed in the house, and it ate meal and briskly because of having qualified though give water washing one's face in the morning and bow and done by two bow two applause though it is a mere trifle.
After all, the salt and rice were changed every day. Person..good.。

The cassette stove is put under the ventilation fan and the standing roast meat tonight.
Is it happy for feelings to change considerably?

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