Sunday, October 24, 2010

It is healed by the wind.

[Iyaa;]?The day before yesterday's male dog [piezouno]
Now because of the [kawaee;] sound. .."[Puu;]?".. sound of [onara]It became a calm mind by the favor of [piezou] though it went out to falling ・・ turning up when holding.

[Aa;] and being healed so much by [onara]

The cleaner or the digit : to the square cushion for that dogs get on a little while ago.
Open [tawayo] ..surgical knife dog Pieta.. hand of the knob of the door ..lowering... Well fuss over

It ..[bi] last.. ..hanging.. ..[yo;] furnace.. barked on [de] and the chair by [pi] lamplights in [tsupi] lamplight [yo;] furnace getting on.
After all, it seems to be better than flooring.
[Kururi] [ntteshiteruzo] and [fu] . on the Puppis futon of two.

[Nuo;]?One already o'clock it !
[Uu;]?Did not you not seem to do today?

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