Thursday, October 7, 2010

It was happy.


Do at such a little time?The figure must not change or spottily.
It is a skirt because there is no other way again.
Now when sitting on the train, are shutting [nakya] and [omo] the leg strained?The leg trembled [purupuru].

After all, atmosphere [ttei] [-] of the hotel though it arrived at [de] and the hotel in Tokyo.
That dark for a moment lobby ‥ [Ufu].

[De] and this purpose are exhibitions of the newest model of a certain auto manufacturer (It is [hapa] [chi] treatment in me).

[Iyaa;]?Massage whose thing to get dessert of tasting hotel atmosphere for me and female limitation is purpose
With the table of horizontal [ccho] of the exhibited car
Have you gotten the dessert and coffee?[Kupu].

When the image is seen, it is ..aunt.. face and [sho-kku] in previous of [demosa] , dessert though the [jasuggoi] smile [nda] face of me was taken by carrying.

[Aa;]?However, was it happy?(eyes that see distance)

It encounters and , aspect puts on the school uniform in the along hall.
The [shotta] ..sports bag.. junior high school student in the back came alone and the coming commemorative gift entered firmly for [te] and the hand.
It seems to have lowered the paper bag of the manufacturer ‥ ([pie;] [ru] witnessing. )

‥ [Rubeshi] and ..scaring.. junior high school student.

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