Sunday, October 10, 2010

Three consecutive holidays?[Fuffuu;]?♪

[Iyaa;]?It is good on three consecutive holidays.

From F Sawa of Mr./Ms. on the night of food [tto] and Friday
There was an invitation of the barbecue and it went to play to home.

Though all rose by meat
I alone did not apologize for [te] deliciously eating usually ‥.

Incidently, what is the pleased [gakya] [kya] food of me?It thought of [tte].
Black olive, raw ham, cheese, and pickles of vegetable. [Fuffuu;]?It is not slices of raw fish and no salted fish guts if it is ♪ , is.. sake. [Fuffuu;]?It picks up after all or is [fu] - of ♪.

It went to the dog cafe with dogs [de] and today.
Was only did the digital camera in the end and it a dog that took a picture though the forelock by which I attached the bed hair putting on the favorite T-shirt because the dessert service and the souvenir picture for the dog were taken when going born of dogs months and it ..[rutte].. heard there was straightened?

Was it ..becoming it.. [-], and did it think that it took a picture all together?‥ [Maa;iikedo].

[Shikkashi] ‥
"24" is ..aspect.. ..change.. [razudesunoo;]. ‥ It finishes seeing and tired out [dawayo].

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