Monday, October 11, 2010

[Uo;] [] that will work hard.

[Ohayoo;]?Is it Tuesday today ‥?
It has gone to the internal medicine department for Ichi to receive a specific medical examination in the morning a little while ago.

[Iyaa;]?Moment clinic week [dawayo].
Dermatology that does laser ,
It is otolaryngology to hearing as for laboratory results of the allergy coryza.
It is a result of a specific medical examination and it is an internal medicine department and usual clinic & Chinese medicine outpatient ‥ [Fu] ..

It might be lonesome the other day and becomes energetic, and [desa] and mother stop and will be staying mother [dawayo] in the hotel in Tokyo next week ..holding suddenly.. wanting, up to now, and hereafter the desire as [-] tile story so. say

[Fuffuu;]?♪ [fuffuu;]?

It is [] well when money of the savings box of the pig that restlessly put the small change of the cod and [pie;] [rugao] purse thinking [desa] and my paying a hotel bill is spent.

[Uo;] []. [Uo;] []. [Uoo;] [].
Thank you [u;]

It cleans the veranda, and it works hard.

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