Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Allergy coryza?

It went to otolaryngology and the nose drip was looked after yesterday.

It does so and it cods it.
How allergy coryza will![Tteiujanainoo;].
It is a surprise at an unexpected diagnosis because it was thought cold [ppikika].

[Uu;]?It is hanging of the nose because of hay fever down in spring and it ‥ It is [moka] this time ! in autumn. ?

It collects blood and the result : being encouraged the examination of the allergy even one week later.
However ..deflecting... Allergy..inspection..teacher..go.It cost 5000 yen only in the inspection charge, and spottily spottily.

Do you go out in the evening on [sateto] , this day?[Fuffuu;]?‥

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