Thursday, October 14, 2010

‥ lonesomely

[Iyaa;]?It is washing [dawayo] today from the morning as for the curtain of living.
Wipe cleaning [dawayo] incidentally.
[Uu;]?House dust and [tataunoyo] , [uo].

[Muu;]?However, in reality ‥
Dust?Do because it doesn't die?[Fuu;]?..might ease.. [kedosa] . like ♪

[De] ‥
Because washing the curtain ended a little while ago
[Shobo] ..‥.. [n]
The curtain of the race must be longer and see and ‥ It has shrunk by about 6cm.

[Uu;]?This is [i] ..can do nothing but extend it with the iron... Think..iron..disregard..install..useless.

It is ..shrinking.. [mu] with the conclusion and hemp.

Incidently, the bedspread is washed ahead, and it is fallen by about 20cm and [ke] [aa;] ‥.

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