Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Laboratory results of allergy coryza

It went to otolaryngology and dermatology yesterday.

It is hearing [tawayo] as for laboratory results of the allergy coryza.
There was even class 0?6, were a lot of cryptomerias, and class 3.
When the house dust is class 1 in class 2, the pollen of a gramineous plant : now.
"Developed an allergy for one year because of what loans" was said by the teacher.

[N]?Such subjective symptom [naindakedona] a [-] ‥ The recent nose drip was settled in about four days, too.
The allergy is now ..saying.. [waretemonee;] that the [maa;demo] dog was good by 0.

[Auu;]? the

[Uu;]?It is washing immediately [tawayo] as for bedroom curtains.
[Ara] of complete sets of the futon covers ..passing.. . before dogs are washed now.

Now when seeing.
[Kaa;] once a week. [Muu;].

It encounters, it will be asleep when , aspect aspect vespertine, and is damp of [koron], [shitara], and the pillow, and [tesa] and what?A round bristletail of about 20cm in the pillowcase when seeing thinking smells and Mr. Mr. [shitakedo] doesn't smell ‥.
Apparently, it seems to be slaver of male dog [piezou].

After it pillows of me, it waits before it sleeps and is [koron] and is [shiterundayona] at time ‥ [Fuu;]?
So as not to get on the pillow this time, is anything put?

[Umuu;]?Cleaning and [aa;] cleaning

[Aa;], endless cleaning game, and ..desire.. [ebaikka].

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