Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[Basa] and [basa] ‥ [Tata] - that has it

One night stay is instant ‥.
Do with hesitancy?[Bassabassa] has been extended to small bird's wing.

In case of not being ..the experience report book on , ..encounter.. hotel...
Is it useless?Let's write graffiti and the report tomorrow because it is sleepy today.
However, is it the day after tomorrow because it goes to the Shinto shrine in Yamanashi that is to pray on Wednesday ‥.

It is not skirt this time and because I wanted to sweep pants after all, actually purchase [niittanoyo] ! in Saturday so often as for the girdle.
[Iyaa;]?The thigh and the waist were able to cancel.
However, though it was considerably painful because it was a girdle after a long time ‥ [Umu] that there is no other way.

Dogs : in the fuss ‥ when coming back.
The swift attack girdle was taken off, and the usual jeans were and went dogs' strolling.

[Au;]?By 6cm heel after a long time ‥ The leg is terrible muscular pain ‥.

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