Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It was good as it was not rain tomorrow.

Is does it go dogs' strolling by Ichi in the morning, does not it fall, and [rakki-buu;] today?

There will be a move party in the company food [tto] and tomorrow.
It became only the people in the building this time because it was First though the guest also planned to call ‥ Does it surely become about 45 people if it matched it among 35?40 people the people in the owner company in the building ‥.

It is [nandakanda] ..move.. [no] putting things in order or arranging a party and the ice cream of the reward is [fu] . because there are a lot of expenses who is the child of endurance.

Is it better than there are no [maa;souiu] feelings in the place in which it endured it though thinks even if it says? my weeny ice cream fee

[Iyaa;]?Move..garbage..go out the trash..dig into one's

Is because the party simulated it in the head, the preparation OK [kanaa;]?It will begin to buy it tomorrow.

[Fufufu] . that has bought apron of cherry handle in 99 yen shop for preparation of party a little while ago so often
It is terrible. ‥ The apron : even for 99 yen.

! is..
It wants to be able to buy the ice cream by [sokka] and it and !. ?

Well ‥ As soon as good.

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