Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Effect of [maragoni-] of surprise?

It is a guy in the toilet in the rest room who does the stamp the other day as for the gel.
"[Sukurabingubaburutoiresutanpukuri-na-]" was bought.
[Iyaa;]?Is it effect of [maragoni-] of the surprise, and ..retreat.. [-]?。
There is no third day, especially the change after joining the gel ‥ An effective Japanese syllabary.

The work of the proofreading was done at home after all so often yesterday.
However, does it work, is it started, and does not the ink of the pen go out at once?
It went for purchase because of not being though it looked for other pens.

The surgical knife dog Pieta plays a trick edge [kkowokajitte] and : about the carpet in one's feet ‥ [Uu;]?It is not [narimase] [-] to work.

Therefore, it has gone for a walk previously.
2 and one's feet [depu] [pu] slept when coming back ‥ Does complete also :?

It settles down in the house and the work of [inaa;] proofreading ..[-].. still ..it is not possible to work.. is done very today ‥.

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