Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting chilled while asleep

Though it is [tteiuka] every evening in the evening
It is cold, [purupuru] trembles at the dawn, and it awakes ‥.

Is it [uu;] though the body is chilly when getting up in [de] and the morning?It is [haijaukaranaa;] in unconsciousness as for the futon ‥ I can sleep very with the futon put until the morning ‥.

The sleeping-bag is open surely [ruyona] in unconsciousness as for the zipper ‥ Oh. It makes it to the sleeping-bag that attaches [sokka], the hand, and the leg. !

Surely ..encounter.. ..?.. before one is aware however surely ..not taking off..
Spottily spottily ‥

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