Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting chilled while asleep again

Story of yesterday's getting chilled while asleep
It was when looking for the person type sleeping-bag on the net.
Incidently, had it seen on the television ahead, and there was a sleeping-bag to have Himalayan black bear's shape so often, too.

The belly rolling was done and it slept for the time being in the evening.
However, [purupuru] trembled after all at the dawn and it awoke ‥ [Uu;]?Embarrassed, and spottily spottily.

[Pie;] [ruga] was drunk yesterday though it talks and it changes.
..[suggoi] [ka] [uno].. hey though it hesitated, and it was not ..400 yen a liter alone.. and ..‥.. bought the child the delicious one for feeling like parents who wanted to have them drink.

Momentarily when [-] ..along.. is done of drinking this morning.
「[Mazu]. [] ..seeming drink barium..」[Ttesaa;] [buu;].

It was delicious as not [-] but [nakotonaiyo] and [doro] ..along...
It is [buu;] though bought with great pains ‥.

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