Sunday, May 29, 2011

I will go to a long stroll after the rain stops.

Far from resting small bird's wing on the weekend ‥ Is it a move?Thorough cleaning [dawayo] like [tteiu].

Everything started from the noodle shop of Saturday with hesitancy.
In the noodle shop pleasantly drinking with [chiku] with drunken bravery
The television of 19 inches is special price on the weekend and going to the electric appliances store on one's return [tanoyo] !.
However, it returned variously hearing the privilege without buying the day.

[De] and Sunday
I think that I will surely buy the television.
[Puchi] and the switch enter because it began to clean the place where the television is put, and [aa;] ‥ It cleans it thoroughly in spite of the rest.

The storage of the bedroom is moved, the bed is moved, and the lower side is cleaned.
Clothes and bag that drags [purake-su] that old videotape enters from shelf by five cases, and doesn't put it on from storage shelf
(If it is scheduled to put it on surely some time, I throw away the dress and the bag, and the yell is not put, it is not thrown away in me. )Throw away while giving [wo] shout, and tired out ..&.. lonesomely.

[Umu] of which it is good because it was refreshing is [maa;demo].

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