Monday, May 30, 2011

Hole of surprise

A fresh wind blows in today's dog-walking.

Dogs seemed to be glad.
In strolling yesterday after a long time if you say that I seem to be ..encounter.. ..,.. glad
I'm sorry, and it conceals by [sasa] and my instinctive body and [tte] has been mistaken ‥ the start of [murimuri] on [murimuri], [ttetesa], and the park bench many times from instigating of ..male dog [piezou] of constipation.. [**] by the tree in the presence of sleep [chan] that eats one's lunch.
It is easy to have laughed at sleep [chan] and to have understood.

It encounters and , story returns ‥.
It when the sole is seen, very hole [ppokoga] of ..[o;].. surprise what when it ..[de].. returns, shoes are taken off, and the foot is applied to the floor.
..originating.. !When the sole on the other side is expected to be a desire, it is very [o;].
Here is hole [ppokogaa;].

It be would [shobo] [n], and favorite socks ‥ Well does the hole become empty excellent from [iteta], too ‥ Shoes are not tried on with that good socks.

[Aa;] on the final day of campaign for Nautilus room [aa;] this day?[Uu;]?‥ Very, let's do.

Moreover, iPod touch ‥.

●piezou+pietà Roomette of love
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