Friday, May 20, 2011

What does everyone do?

It not happy ..what..?Take a rest..gloss over.

Now in case of being. a house ..[iyaa;].. alone

However, work is anything.
I ..mind.. think it is not good if after all, there is no [merihari].

Encounter ‥
It has cried in front of the teacher who is ..reeling.. [-] though it is a Chinese medicine outpatient yesterday.
Tears inadvertently fall even if there is will being not to cry.

[Iyaa;] ‥ It was able to meet that teacher really and was good.
The mind terribly becomes easy.
It is possible to become in the psychic treatment internal medicine and to become calm [ppodo] of ..better.. [o;] where it goes.

So often..a little while
After all..usual..Listener..telephone..cut....

[N]?Well ..calling to the friend suddenly.. though the high school. Let's play now.

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