Thursday, January 27, 2011

The stomach ‥


It was becoming of the stomach in rapid ?? the pain in the afternoon why when it was thought that it went dogs' strolling ‥ Put in the refrigerator and the evening remaining ‥ Wax what.

Cod, 2, and my face is seen having a face that seems to be painful in the rest room a little while ago, bending, and crowding. 「[Uu;]?[Uu;u] [-]」The opinion of [te] threat is expressed.

[Uu;]?It is not possible to go to a long stroll by this today ‥ It is considerably dangerous.
[Fuu;] ‥
It updated and it settled down with [tetaracho].

[Sateto] [gyou] [kuka]?
It is excrement excrement remark [tterushi] producing the face between legs of [watashi] of male dog [piezou] and going a little while ago early ‥.

No, it is already appearance [mirubekika] for a moment, unpleasantness, and can go or [].

Spottily spottily ‥

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