Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is it good because there is an other party who thinks how it is easy if only I am regarded even if it is unpleasant ‥?

Though it is yesterday's continuation

In the evening, male dog [piezouni] and [soo;] [tto] where it came on the bed and [nto] round [mattepu] [pu] slept approached.

Then, now?
It felt my sign or is a surprise because [shaki] [-] opened one's eyes suddenly though not known.

Be good, and restrain my desire this time and ‥ Here is [fu] . that became [otona].
It drew close to [piezou] with [-] ..along...

Then, now?
It became [paka] [tto] supine.
"Now when the face is buried under mama and my hair on the chest, it is good" is like a said turning up ‥.

[Gaba] and [ikitai],
It endures with a jerk here, and the print print in [-] and hair on the chest ..along...
[Aa;] ‥ Thank you [piezou] .

It will subdue one's desires in the future, and [soo;] [ttosurisurisuruyo].

[Iyaa;]?Is work anything if the other party is not thought?

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